Ada Grace

How did I only recently find out about this place???

I’ve been in South Melbourne for the past 4 years and had never even heard of this place!


Ada Grace is a cute little cafe tucked away in one of the side streets in South Melbourne. The place is nice and cosy with an indoor garden on the roof!

I ordered my normal soy mocha. I find this a bit on the bitter side here but still nice none the less. My hubby ordered the green mango smoothie which I loved! You could have this just as a meal. The mango is subtle and the avocado makes the smoothie lovely and creamy.


I ordered the croquettes and hubby ordered the duck salad.

I found the croquettes nice and crunchy. I think they could have had more flavour in it but I liked how it was a nice and light meal.


I tried a bit of the duck salad. This was also nice and light, great for a healthy lunch. The orange segments give the dish some great freshness. I do however think this dish is quite overpriced. For $19.50, there isn’t much duck in the salad.


We’ve been back to this place another once or twice since the first time. It’s always nice to have a local which you know you can get good food and service!

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Ah… the infamous Kuu… when we thought that no one else knew about this place. Now we can barely get a seat in there!

These pictures are from when we went once upon a time. We’ve been so often I can’t count how many dishes we’ve tried!

They make a really nice soy matcha and a matcha banana smoothie. I’ve found some places that make soy matchas, the matcha isn’t dissolved properly and it’s a bit grainy. Here though, it’s pretty good!

20151025_121123   20151025_121209

What to say about their food but… I really miss Japan! Below is a picture of the Japanese Brekky platter for the hungry. You get two salads, a poached egg, small piece of salmon, 2 onigiri, miso soup and a small bit of potato salad as well (I think this dish has changed slightly since this photo was taken).

I really like the flavours of this dish. The salads are nice and fresh, the onigiri are good but I think there is a bit too much rice, I could do without the poached egg (only because I’m not a massive fan of poached eggs), the salmon is perfectly cooked (I could do with a bigger piece though :p) and the miso soup compliments the dish very well. It seems like a lot of food but surprisingly, even though I was full after, I didn’t feel all gross and sluggish! Win!


My hubby always loves to try the katsu currys when we go to Japanese places. This one is up there! I mean nothing is comparable to the one we had in Japan but it’s still pretty good! Flavours were really nice and the katsu was cooked perfectly.


As I said, this is one of our regulars. We love Japanese food and Japanese breakfasts are one of our favourites!

Definitely try this place if you haven’t already! It’s quite small so I would try to get there early to snag a seat inside!

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Cafe Sweethearts

Cafe Sweethearts

To be honest I haven’t been to this cafe in a while, but in saying that, this was one of the first cafes we loved to go to when my partner and I first moved to South Melbourne. We came here week after week and loved the food. I especially liked to get the Eggs La Mer. It’s like an Eggs Benedict but with Smoked salmon instead of ham.

I personally don’t like eggs that much but I always seemed to come back to this dish time and time again. They have lovely big poached eggs. Bigger than other cafes that I’ve been to. This is what made my partner want to keep coming back. The staff are lovely and helpful and the food is delicious.

Since we’ve tried other cafes around that area we haven’t been back in a while but in saying that,  I would still go back anytime to enjoy a lovely brunch!

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Chicken Wings


This is my version of a quick, easy dinner idea and it’s so tasty!

I have to admit, I stole this idea off my mum. We’ve been having this chicken wing flavour since before I can remember.

All you need is chicken wings/drumettes, how ever many you want. For this example I bought half a kilo of wingettes from the local Market (South Melbourne to be precise but you can literally go anywhere!) Half a kilo ended up being about 10 wings altogether. I marinated it with the below.

1 heaped tablespoon of Hoisin Sauce
2 heaped tablespoons of Char Siu Sauce

I like to marinate it overnight or that morning if possible. If not, two hours should be fine.

At my mum’s we usually put these in the oven and bake them at about 180 degrees for about 40 minutes, turning once. My partner and I are a bit lazy with using the oven so we use the Weber BBQ outside instead. It’s so much faster! We put it on for about 15 mins turning once and with the hood down and voila! Perfect!

I like to eat these wings with some rice and also I just stir fried some pak choy with a bit of garlic and oyster sauce.

Overall, this meal doesn’t take long to make at all. If you have already marinated the chicken overnight, all you need to do is cook the rice and make the veggies. All of this can be made within 15-20 mins! Easy!

The George South Melbourne


The George South Melbourne

Went to this place the other day with my partner as it was one of our first ‘date’ places for lunch a few years ago. As it was a beautiful day with clear blue skies we decided to sit outside. I ordered the caesar salad with chicken and my partner ordered the beer battered fish and chips.

The caesar salad was delicious with a generous serving of chicken and vegetables. I tried a bit of my partners beer battered fish and it was extremely crispy which is what I love in beer battered fish. He said the chips and salad that also came with it was lovely.

This place is a great pub to sit and have lunch on a beautiful day. It’s also right opposite the South Melbourne Market so definitely convenient if you want to do a bit of shopping as well!


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This pleasant Turkish restaurant located right on the outer edges of the South Melbourne market is perfect for a terrific night out.

The staff here are extremely lovely and helpful when it comes to the menu. We were explained how to order and how much to order as well. In this instance we ordered the Turkish spring rolls, the Croquettes, stuffed vegetables with Mediterranean rice and the marinated lamb. The spring rolls were delicious and not too overpowering with the flavour of feta. The croquettes and the stuffed vegetables were absolutely to die for! I loved the stuffed tomatoes especially. The flavour of the rice within the tomatoes was exceptional! Finally the marinated lamb was beautifully marinated and perfectly chargrilled.

This was actually the second time we had come here. Previously we had tried the turkish bread with home made dips (a must try!), saganaki and the lentil rissoles.

We will definitely keep coming back to this place. Oh and before I forget, Saturday nights after 8 they have a  belly dancer! Very different type of entertainment but pleasant none the less.

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Giddiup (South Melbourne)

Little cafe near the South Melbourne Market. Get in early or there’ll be a wait! Ordered a Soy Mocha, Baked Eggs with beans and Chorizo and the Smoked Salmon and 3 cheese omelette special.

The Smoked Salmon and 3 cheese omelette was so nice and fresh with avocado and greens.

Baked Eggs were good but then again, baked eggs are very similar where ever you get them.

Overall was a very good cafe for brunch. As mentioned there could be a wait. We went on a Sunday around midday and we got a seat straight away but there was a line 5 mins later. Worth a try, would love to go again!