Being in Japan and all we figured we needed to try some fugu! For those of you that don’t know, fugu is blowfish. Not sure if you’ve all seen that episode from the simpsons where Homer eats fugu and almost dies?!? Yes, that is what we are going to try!

We looked up some places that specialised in fugu and found Torafugu-Tei. We were seated in our own room and given a menu to choose what we wanted. We both chose one of the lunch specials which was kind of like a set. One was with fugu sashimi and the other with fried fugu.


This is the fried fugu set. It came with the fried fugu, miso soup,  pickles and rice with what I think was fugu on top and an egg.

The fried fugu was delicious although it did come with a massive bone inside. The rice on the other hand was a little strange for my liking.  I assume you were supposed to mix it altogether which is what I did but the texture of something that was in the rice put me off. Not sure if it was the egg or the sauce the fugu was in but it had a slimey texture to it. I did eat it though and even tho the texture wasnt to my liking the flavour was still pleasant.


This is the fugu sashimi set. All the same dishes except swap the fried fugu with sashimi. We tried a few pieces each and I’ve got to say.. its actually pretty good.  The texture is a little harder than the usual salmon and tuna but it was still nice! 

If you have never given fugu a go.. give it a try! If you go to a place that specialises in fugu I’m sure you won’t b disappointed!


By the sea

This was a bit of a random find. We were looking for a good sashimi place and came across ‘By the sea’ on trip advisor.

The place is a bit random and funky looking and the staff are pretty nice. We were given an english menu with pictures n all! Haha we ended up ordering a sashimi platter, prawns, some sort of crab dish and we ordered dessert too!


This was the sashimi platter. It was presented beautifully and it was surprisingly quite big (and cheap)! The fish was lovely and fresh although there were raw prawns on the dish which i hadn’t tried before. I thought it was strange.. sort of creamy texture that turns a bit pastey in your mouth. Wasnt really to my liking but was good to try!


Next we got the crab dish. It was served in a crab shell with some rice crackers on the side. In the crab shell was crab mixed with onions and some sort of sauce. We ate this with the crackers.. which is what I think was meant to be done. It was delicious.


Now this prawn dish was interesting. The waiter came out to us with a clear bowl with the prawns in it with wine. My boyfriend and I gave each other weird looks as the waiter swished the prawns around the bowl technically killing our meal in front of us.. o.O when he left we were actually worried he was going to just serve us raw prawns that we would need to peel ourselves. Luckily out came lovely cooked prawns with a dipping sauce. I guess in a way, thats the freshest prawns you could possibly get!


We had an amazing meal here and would recommend anyone to try it if you’re in the area! Delicious fresh seafood and very polite service!


Sorry to say but I have been very lazy with posting up new places to try! When xmas came around things got quite busy!

Miyako is a Japanese restaurant situated in Southgate area. It has an area where you can sit down and order your usual sushi/sashimi or there is another area where you can experience the fun of tepanyaki!

I have been to this restaurant twice. Once a long time ago for a friends birthday and we had tepanyaki. This post however, will not be covering that aspect of this restaurant as the most recent time I went we did not have this.

My friend had purchased a voucher online for Miyako which consisted of a set menu. To be honest, I don’t remember what the voucher allowed us to order. All I know is, we had a sushi/sashimi platter, beef tataki, miso soup, yaki soba and gyoza (could have been something else but I forgot 😦 )

The dishes were all well made and presented! I especially liked the presentation of the sushi/sashimi platter. The fish was very fresh and perfectly sliced!

I would definitely recommend this place as a nice ‘date night’ restaurant, or if you’re in the area, a lovely Japanese restaurant with quality food. Give the tepanyaki a try if you have a group of people as well. It’s always a bit of fun! 🙂

20140606_210032 20140606_202724

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20140306_192655 20140306_200121  20140306_221508



Before I begin, sorry with the lack of photos for this place. The lighting in the restaurant was very dark so i couldn’t take good pictures. In saying that, my boyfriend surprised me for my birthday a month ago and took me to Ezard. I had no clue as to where we were headed.. all I knew was it was somewhere down Flinders Lane.. that helps lol

We were seated by a lovely waiter and given menus. As it was my birthday I got to choose whatever I wanted to eat. We started off with a cocktail. I got a lovely lychee flavoured one! Delicious! After looking through the menu we decided we would get the 8 course degustation menu.

Before we were greeted with the lovely presented food, we were given beautiful sour dough bread and excellent dipping salts and olive oil! The olive oil was flavoured with parmesan and rosemary (I think). It was so good! I would have almost been happy with just that! But soon enough our came our food. The portion sizes were quite small but I think they were fine for an 8 course degustation. I won’t go through all the dishes, maybe the ones that I have in the pictures.

The first picture was an oyster shooter paired with a tuna sashimi. I loved them both.. although I have one bone to pick.. This is my personal opinion but I find it strange how fancy places serve peas in their dishes.. To me peas seem like a very ‘cheap’ option. In saying that though, the peas were delicious with the sashimi so I can’t complain too much.

The next picture is of a Spanner Crab Dumpling in a Tom Kha ‘soup’. I really liked this dish. The Tom Kha complimented the dumpling very well! Even though the dumpling reminded me of a wonton, it was still scrumptious none the less.

The last picture I have up is of the dessert platter! There was a choice of having either this or a ‘Chocolate hemisphere’. You had to pay a little extra for the tasting place but boy was it worth it! There were so many desserts to choose from and try! I think my favourite of them all was either the panna cotta, the ice cream or the ‘cheesecake’. But in saying that, they were all REALLY GOOD! The flavours just jump around on your tongue and they just make you go Mmmmmm…

This restaurant had excellent service and delicious food! I’ll definitely be back again although as it is a little pricey maybe more so for an occasion.


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Izakaya Chuji

20131025_202503 20131025_202856 20131025_203601

Izakaya Chuji

This place has had a face lift! What used to be a restaurant that looked like it was about to fall apart, now looks like a lovely Japanese Restaurant that serves delicious food!

The restaurant gets somewhat busy on a Friday and Saturday night. You are able to book but if not the wait isn’t too long (also there is the sake bar next door where you can sit and eat as well).

I come here quite often with my friends as well as my partner. A go to dish is always the raw beef dish called Yukke. It is absolutely divine with all the flavours just melding together. Definitely a dish that you should try even if you aren’t a fan of raw food. The tori karaage (fried chicken) is also one of our favourites! A plate of fried chicken with Japanese mayo, what’s not to like? 🙂 Also the sashimi platter is always fresh and beautifully presented.

As mentioned, I come to this restaurant often and will continue coming here. The service and food are great and not too expensive as well. Lovely restaurant for a lovely night out with friends.

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20131103_121840 20131103_122510 20131103_123543 20131103_124028 20131103_124504 20131103_125206


Tucked away behind the Hilton Hotel, this Elegant Japanese restaurant by the water was perfect for my sisters birthday lunch. We went on a cold Sunday afternoon but the place was nice and inviting and we were seated by the window so we were by the water. As we had never been here before, we weren’t really sure what and how much to order but the waitress was nice and helpful in that respect. We ended up ordering 2 sets of sushi (prawn and salmon) a sashimi platter, grilled pork belly and wagyu, yaki udon and then a sushi platter as there wasn’t enough food.

The sushi and sashimi was neatly made and presented. We got to try a range of the different types of fish that they had which was nice. The grilled meat was tasty but in my opinion, not enough. And finally the yaki udon. We initially ordered it thinking it would be a fried udon noodles but instead what came out was udon noodles in a seafood type broth. Even though it wasn’t what we expected, it was still quite tasty.

In my opinion, this restaurant was decent. The food was fresh and tasty but I think its a bit pricey for the amount that you get. All in all, I would go back to try other dishes but maybe for dinner next time.

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