Lemon Middle and Orange

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Lemon Middle and Orange


Funky looking cafe with a wooden fit out. I love the look of it! It’s tucked away behind the Porsche dealership off Victoria street. The first time we came here, we actually arrived quite early in the morning. It was quite quiet in the cafe but it was actually really nice that it wasn’t all hustle and bustle.

We ordered our usual coffees and then pondered over the menu. I ended up ordering the croquettes of the day and my partner ordered the Waffles.

I loved the croquettes and I think they were a perfect size for brunch. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember what flavour the croquettes were. We went there a while ago and the flavours of the croquettes change each time we go. But I know I loved them none the less.

My partner fell in love with the waffles. He thought all the flavours went well together and he especially loved the crispy bacon on top. It was just the right crispiness!

We have been here twice already and are willing to come back again and again. I actually really loved my soy mocha the last time we went so I want to go back for more!
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