Rice Workshop

Can’t go wrong with a $2 green tea/black sesame soft serve from Rice Workshop!




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Before I begin, sorry with the lack of photos for this place. The lighting in the restaurant was very dark so i couldn’t take good pictures. In saying that, my boyfriend surprised me for my birthday a month ago and took me to Ezard. I had no clue as to where we were headed.. all I knew was it was somewhere down Flinders Lane.. that helps lol

We were seated by a lovely waiter and given menus. As it was my birthday I got to choose whatever I wanted to eat. We started off with a cocktail. I got a lovely lychee flavoured one! Delicious! After looking through the menu we decided we would get the 8 course degustation menu.

Before we were greeted with the lovely presented food, we were given beautiful sour dough bread and excellent dipping salts and olive oil! The olive oil was flavoured with parmesan and rosemary (I think). It was so good! I would have almost been happy with just that! But soon enough our came our food. The portion sizes were quite small but I think they were fine for an 8 course degustation. I won’t go through all the dishes, maybe the ones that I have in the pictures.

The first picture was an oyster shooter paired with a tuna sashimi. I loved them both.. although I have one bone to pick.. This is my personal opinion but I find it strange how fancy places serve peas in their dishes.. To me peas seem like a very ‘cheap’ option. In saying that though, the peas were delicious with the sashimi so I can’t complain too much.

The next picture is of a Spanner Crab Dumpling in a Tom Kha ‘soup’. I really liked this dish. The Tom Kha complimented the dumpling very well! Even though the dumpling reminded me of a wonton, it was still scrumptious none the less.

The last picture I have up is of the dessert platter! There was a choice of having either this or a ‘Chocolate hemisphere’. You had to pay a little extra for the tasting place but boy was it worth it! There were so many desserts to choose from and try! I think my favourite of them all was either the panna cotta, the ice cream or the ‘cheesecake’. But in saying that, they were all REALLY GOOD! The flavours just jump around on your tongue and they just make you go Mmmmmm…

This restaurant had excellent service and delicious food! I’ll definitely be back again although as it is a little pricey maybe more so for an occasion.


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