Foddie’s Cafe

After following ‘Foddie’s’ on Facebook, I came to realise that they had a cafe opening in Albert Park that I was dying to try! Being lactose/fructose intolerant, this is the perfect place for me to not worry about what is in my food!

My boyfriend and I went to their VIP opening. The cafe wasn’t fully open as yet but we got to take a seat and find out what their food is like before anyone else!


The menu had enough on it to excite my taste buds! I ordered a mocha with almond milk and my boyfriend ordered a hot chocolate. I then ordered the baked eggs and my boyfriend had the french toast with a side of bacon.


I’d have to say, I had never tried a mocha with almond milk before. I had previously tried almond milk by itself but was never a fan so I was a bit sceptical to say the least. Out came our drinks and my almond milk mocha was lovely! Had a subtle nutty flavour mixed in with the mocha. This could be my new drink!


My baked eggs came out with lactose free cheese and gluten free bread. I’d have to say, having had a few baked eggs in the past, this one was actually one of the best ones I have tried! Although it only came with one egg in the dish, it was delicious! The sauce that the egg was in was lovely and flavoursome and was great to mop it all up with the light gluten free vienna bread!


My boyfriends french toast didn’t really look like what we thought it would look like. It came out with a blueberry compote and mascarpone whipped cream. I think the dish could have done with a bit more whipped cream but all in all, the dish was still nice.

I definitely want to come back here again and try something different. I’ve seen pictures of the hotcakes and they look amazing! Anyone who lactose/fructose/gluten intolerant, this place is for you!
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Stagger Lee’s

What can I say, yes been super lazy but here’s a new post for you all to read!!

Came here a few months ago as I had heard this place was the sister cafe to Proud Mary’s. As I love the food at Proud Mary’s I thought why not give this cafe a shot!

My partner and I came here with one of his work colleagues for a tasty brunch session. Surprisingly we got a table pretty quickly.. only had to wait for about 10 minutes! Scored! Although in saying that, we had to sit on the communal table and we were right near the door so it was a bit cold with the door opening and closing every so often.. but it doesn’t matter.. a seat is a seat!


We had a good look through their menu… even though it was a cold morning and I don’t particularly like cold food on a cold day, I thought I would give the bircher muesli a go… the only reason I thought of trying this was because of the COCONUT YOGHURT! I’ve tried coconut yoghurt before.. me being lactose intolerant and all.. and I actually really like it. In saying that, I don’t usually eat bircher muesli when I go out. I found the whole dish to be nice but it was a bit sweet to my liking and I found the muesli part to be a bit bland? I’m not sure if its supposed to be like that or not but it needed more flavour to it.. in my opinion anyways.. and I think that much coconut yoghurt in one go is a little too much.. but I’m not complaining.. it was still a nice dish and well presented.


My partner ordered the Frank n Beans. The dish looked so wholesome and extremely tasty! The serving size was massive as well. From what I can recall, I don’t think my partner ended up finishing it all. I tried a bit and what can I say, you can’t go wrong with beans, some bread and some sort of meat! 🙂


My partners workmate ordered the Coco pop and Salted caramel french toast. It looked so pretty on the plate. I tried a tiny bit as well and it was actually really good! Although to me, it seemed more like a dessert on a plate with all the cream n what not… but who can say no to French toast when its covered with all of that?!?!


So I’ve been to this place another time since this visit and I love it. Even though I’m not a massive fan of their soy mochas, they do delicious juices and great coffees. Will definitely be back for more!

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South of Johnson

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South of Johnson

This cafe was hard to find. Although maybe it’s just my eyesight going bad! 🙂 Nestled on a small road behind Smith Street, this cafe seemed quite quiet from the outside but once you step through those doors, its all hustle and bustle. We didn’t have to wait at all for a seat.. maybe because it was a cold rainy day in Melbourne. We were seated in the area ‘outside’ but it was undercover which was fine. There was an array of things to order but I settled on the corn fritters where as my partner tried the french toast.

At first glance, my corn fritters looked really good! There was enough of everything on the plate. After trying it however, I felt like they tried to put too much on the plate. There was bacon, fritters, egg, a tomato salsa, avocado and rocket. I think there was a bit too much going on for my liking. There was a generous serving of bacon which I love and the fritters were nice, but I think it could have done without the egg and rocket and just stuck with bacon, fritters, salsa and avocado. That would have been perfect! The dish was still nice but I don’t think there was much wow factor in it.

I also tried a bit of my partners french toast. To us, we had tasted a lot better. This French toast does not even compare to the one we had at French Fantasies. This one just tasted like regular French toast that you could make at home. The ice cream that came with it was just a vanilla ice cream and my partner decided to add bacon onto it (don’t ask me why but he always does it). I think this dish was a bit of a let down. Also I think 3 pieces of toast is way too much for a serving for breakfast.

The atmosphere of this place is pleasant and the staff are lovely. I think they need to up the anti on their food though and give it something different or put a bit of wow factor in it. We probably won’t be back any time soon considering there are so many other places that we still haven’t tried and it also didn’t have that spark in the food.

French Fantasies

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French Fantasies

French bakery near the corner of Punt and Toorak Road.

My partner and I went for a walk down to French Fantasies on a nice Saturday morning. Had no trouble getting a seat. Ordered at the counter and sat by the window watching people go by. Ordered my usual soy mocha and my partner ordered a latte. I’ve had to say, the mocha was actually quite nice.

My partner was craving a croissant so he ordered that. Although it wasn’t hot it was still nice and buttery just like a croissant should be. It came with a marmalade type jam to spread on it but I reckon it was good even without it.

I ordered the french toast. Even though by the picture it looks plain and boring, it was one of the best french toasts I reckon I have had! It’s up there with the one we had at Breakfast Theives that i wrote about a few posts ago. This one was nice and warm, no egg taste to it but just a beautiful sugar and cinnamon coating on the outside with a dollop of cream. It came accompanied with a small jug of maple syrup as well to top it all off. Absolutely gorgeous and i think the portion size is just right for brunch. Not too heavy and not too light.

The hot dog was a toulouse pork hot dog topped with grilled onion and dijon mustard. My partner thought it was almost like a Wendy’s hot dog but fancier and more toppings. It tasted nice although the roll that it was in was a bit hard. Personally i think the size of the bread was just right for the hot dog. I don’t fancy hot dogs where you end up with just bread at the end or just hot dog.

This is one place we would definitely try out again! Although I mentioned that we got a seat straight away, when we left, it was full to the brim with people coming in for lunch or a coffee. Best to get in early to avoid the rush!

Breakfast Thieves


Breakfast thieves

Cozy little cafe off Smith St in Fitzroy.

Ordered the baked eggs which came with a garlic bread on the side and the french toast with poached pears.

The baked eggs were average. The chorizo in it tasted a bit strange and there were chunks of mushroom as well. Compared to other baked eggs I’ve had this wasn’t up to scratch.

The french toast however was delicious! The bread had a nice cinnamon flavour to it, it tasted like donuts! The pears were poached perfectly and all the flavour combinations worked so well!

Overall a really nice cafe despite the baked eggs not being up to scratch. Would still go back to try something else.