Ada Grace

How did I only recently find out about this place???

I’ve been in South Melbourne for the past 4 years and had never even heard of this place!


Ada Grace is a cute little cafe tucked away in one of the side streets in South Melbourne. The place is nice and cosy with an indoor garden on the roof!

I ordered my normal soy mocha. I find this a bit on the bitter side here but still nice none the less. My hubby ordered the green mango smoothie which I loved! You could have this just as a meal. The mango is subtle and the avocado makes the smoothie lovely and creamy.


I ordered the croquettes and hubby ordered the duck salad.

I found the croquettes nice and crunchy. I think they could have had more flavour in it but I liked how it was a nice and light meal.


I tried a bit of the duck salad. This was also nice and light, great for a healthy lunch. The orange segments give the dish some great freshness. I do however think this dish is quite overpriced. For $19.50, there isn’t much duck in the salad.


We’ve been back to this place another once or twice since the first time. It’s always nice to have a local which you know you can get good food and service!

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Portello Rosso

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Portello Rosso

Before I get into reviewing this restaurant, I have to say, this is one of the best restaurants I have been to in a while! I came here with a few friends for my birthday about a month ago. I had heard this place was actually pretty decent so I thought it would be nice to come here to celebrate my birthday dinner.

The menu was extensive and it was quite hard to choose which dishes we wanted but eventuated with a few. We first ordered a jug of the White Sangria. Personally I’ve had better Sangria’s before. This one had a strange flavour to it but it was still drinkable so that was fine. Food wise, we were actually given 2 dishes, compliments of the chef to start with. One was what seemed like a terrine of some sort on top of some crusty bread and the other was a bowl of warm olives! YUM! We ended up ordering a few dishes to share. We had the chorizos, Charcuterie Plate, Albondigas (meatballs)Salted Cod, Pork Belly and the Duck salad.

The Charcuterie plate was lovely. To be honest it was similar to other Charcuterie plates I’ve had before but I love this so I have nothing to complain about. The Chorizos were absolutely to die for! I think it is a must have when you come here! The meatballs and the Salted Cod were ok but a bit average to our liking. The Pork Belly was sooooo good!!! Even though it was just Pork Belly, the way that it was made was melting in the mouth delicious!!! The skin was so crispy and lovely! Now going from the Pork Belly to the Duck salad.. one amazing thing to the next! I wish I knew what was in this salad, if I knew I would happily eat this every day!! AMAZING!!

Even though we were super full by this time we thought we would try one of their desserts so we had the Churros. I personally think I’ve had better Churros elsewhere but I still liked it none the less.

Overall, as I mentioned earlier this is probably one of the best restaurants that I have been to in a while. Even though some of the dishes we tried weren’t amazing, I would still come back again and again for the ones that were! Totally worth it! Next time I’m trying the Paella! 🙂

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