Just giving my Japan posts a little break for now….

After so long, we finally made it to Entrecôte for dinner! We had always wanted to try it but never really got around to it because of the long lines we always see out front.

One nice warm night, we figured we would give it a go. We were seated outside which was quite warm but once the shade was adjusted, it was actually quite nice.

We ordered the typical Steak Frites as we wanted to see what the fuss was about. I ordered mine medium and my partner ordered his medium rare.


This picture was my steak. Although it looks medium on the photo, I think it was a little over done. My partners one looked medium as well. The steak itself is actually quite a tender cut. Although not cooked to my liking, it was still quite tasty and the herb sauce was delicious! And who can say anything bad about the fries! At Entrecôte there is actually unlimited fries so if you want more, you can order more! On this note however, I think the amount of food you get on the plate is more than enough and you also get a side salad with it as well.

We figured, as we had made the effort to come here, we thought we would order dessert. Everyone has a second stomach for dessert! We ordered the Fanancier aux Amandes.


In short, it’s pretty much an almond cake with Raspberry coulis, raspberry sorbet and marscarpone. The cake was lovely and light. The marscarpone was perfect to cut through the tartness of the raspberries and the sorbet was light and delicious.

Overall, I was expecting more from Entrecôte. For a steak place, you would think they would cook the steak as you had asked. Apart from that, I would still try it again to give it another go.

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Happy pudding

We stumbled upon Happy pudding whilst trying to find another restaurant and boy was it a good find!


Situated behind a restaurant, this cute place has a fridge full of puddings for you to try! When I say puddings, its more like a creme caramel but close enough. The packaging of these puddings are so cute with different coloured tops.


We decided on an original flavour and a lemon and honey (I think it was honey)


The original one did taste like a creme caramel but it was pretty good none the less. The lemon and honey was to die for! I didn’t realise the lemon flavour would go so well but it did and it was amazing!


There were a few chairs just outside the place so we took a seat and enjoyed ourselves! Definitely a good find!

Kueh Lapis

So my friends and I were having hot pot the other night and someone suggested to bring asian dessert. I figured why not give Kueh Lapis a try! My mum makes it all the time and it doesn’t seem too difficult!

I just used a random recipe I found from google

I didn’t end up using the pandan flavour as I did not have any but it still tasted fine.

Was a bit less sweet than I would have liked and a little bit tougher than my mums but I guess, this was my first go so I’ll try it again another time!

20150828_080151 20150828_080109

Monte Carlos

When I saw Georgia make these on Masterchef, I figured they didn’t look too hard so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I cheated a little and just used store bought jam but they still turned out! I made them a little bit big but still a monte carlo none the less.

Here’s the link to the recipe!