South of Johnson

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South of Johnson

This cafe was hard to find. Although maybe it’s just my eyesight going bad! 🙂 Nestled on a small road behind Smith Street, this cafe seemed quite quiet from the outside but once you step through those doors, its all hustle and bustle. We didn’t have to wait at all for a seat.. maybe because it was a cold rainy day in Melbourne. We were seated in the area ‘outside’ but it was undercover which was fine. There was an array of things to order but I settled on the corn fritters where as my partner tried the french toast.

At first glance, my corn fritters looked really good! There was enough of everything on the plate. After trying it however, I felt like they tried to put too much on the plate. There was bacon, fritters, egg, a tomato salsa, avocado and rocket. I think there was a bit too much going on for my liking. There was a generous serving of bacon which I love and the fritters were nice, but I think it could have done without the egg and rocket and just stuck with bacon, fritters, salsa and avocado. That would have been perfect! The dish was still nice but I don’t think there was much wow factor in it.

I also tried a bit of my partners french toast. To us, we had tasted a lot better. This French toast does not even compare to the one we had at French Fantasies. This one just tasted like regular French toast that you could make at home. The ice cream that came with it was just a vanilla ice cream and my partner decided to add bacon onto it (don’t ask me why but he always does it). I think this dish was a bit of a let down. Also I think 3 pieces of toast is way too much for a serving for breakfast.

The atmosphere of this place is pleasant and the staff are lovely. I think they need to up the anti on their food though and give it something different or put a bit of wow factor in it. We probably won’t be back any time soon considering there are so many other places that we still haven’t tried and it also didn’t have that spark in the food.



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Sunday morning brunch at Seven:am in Port Melbourne

Small cosy cafe with interesting decor. Surprisingly wasn’t busy on a beautiful Sunday morning. Service was quick and attentive. We ordered a soy mocha and a latte and for brunch we had the corn fritters and the duck sandwich.

The Corn fritters with poached eggs were delicious! It usually comes with chorizo but i substituted that for smoked salmon with sides of sour cream, salsa and a small salad. Personally, I thought the corn fritters tasted a bit like tacos but were nice and crispy. I think there might have been a bit too much on the plate, but don’t get me wrong, it was a delicious brunch and I polished it all off!

The slow roasted duck sandwich with chilli salt fries with lime aoili was one my partner had. The duck was nicely cooked and quite tender The flavours of the sandwich however were a bit strange and my partner thought was a weird combination. Although nice and different, I think the mixture of brie, duck, quince paste and cabbage is a bit to get used to. The fries were more like chips but were scrumptious!

Overall the food and service was really good. Although there were little hiccups in the food, we would still like to come back and try something different!


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Small, quiet cafe located in Port Melbourne. We thought we would try a different place we had never tried before. On walking in we were seated straight away. We ordered our usual latte and soy mocha and then proceeded to look at the breakfast menu. I had a look at the menu online before hand and was intrigued by the corn and sweet potato fritters so I ordered that and my partner ordered the omelette with a side of bacon (of course).

When the fritters came out I thought it looked like a bit too much food and about half way through it my thoughts were right. I reckon the dish could’ve done with just two fritters instead of three. One of my fritters was actually quite burnt on the bottom as well. I also thought that the flavours, although they were ok, it could’ve done with some salmon or some sort of meat (probably my fault as it did come with a side of salmon and I declined).

I tasted a bit of the omelette that my partner ordered. It had a nice flavour and the goats cheese gave it a nice salty-ness. My partner however thought it was quite a big omelette and was very filling. He’s a pretty big eater in general but I think the potato and the bread on top made the meal full of carbs.

Overall the place was nice. I might go back one day. The food wasn’t terrible or anything. The service was really good but nothing about the food really wowed us.