Ada Grace

How did I only recently find out about this place???

I’ve been in South Melbourne for the past 4 years and had never even heard of this place!


Ada Grace is a cute little cafe tucked away in one of the side streets in South Melbourne. The place is nice and cosy with an indoor garden on the roof!

I ordered my normal soy mocha. I find this a bit on the bitter side here but still nice none the less. My hubby ordered the green mango smoothie which I loved! You could have this just as a meal. The mango is subtle and the avocado makes the smoothie lovely and creamy.


I ordered the croquettes and hubby ordered the duck salad.

I found the croquettes nice and crunchy. I think they could have had more flavour in it but I liked how it was a nice and light meal.


I tried a bit of the duck salad. This was also nice and light, great for a healthy lunch. The orange segments give the dish some great freshness. I do however think this dish is quite overpriced. For $19.50, there isn’t much duck in the salad.


We’ve been back to this place another once or twice since the first time. It’s always nice to have a local which you know you can get good food and service!

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Piggery Cafe

Wow, I have been a bit lazy with posts! Sorry!

Here’s some pics of the Piggery Cafe up near Mt Dandenong! Came here a few months ago with the other half. I got a lamb pie and my boyfriend got the chicken platter.


The lamb pie was ok. I wouldn’t rave on about it too much. It came with side salads. I think one was a cauliflower salad and I can’t remember the other one but the cauliflower one was the better of the both.

I tried a bit of my boyfriends chicken platter and it was actually really good! It had different types of chicken on there, wings, maryland and homemade chicken nuggets! It was pretty tasty!

It’s a nice drive out to the area but it can get quite busy on a nice day. Be prepared to wait a bit at peak time but I would recommend it for a nice little cafe on the outskirts of Melbourne!

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Plenty of Windsor

On a cold rainy Melbourne morning, we went to brunch as we do, and ended up at this quaint little cafe called Plenty of Windsor. Located on the busy Chapel St (but down the quieter end) this little cafe was filled with people getting out of the cold to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

The menu wasn’t very substantial and to be honest, I don’t exactly remember what our dishes were called. All I know is, they were AMAZING!

I ended up ordering a dish that had some sourdough bread, topped with porcini mushrooms (I think that was the type of mushroom) parmesan and I’m pretty sure I ordered a side of chorizo as well. I’ll tell you now, I wasn’t expecting this dish to be awesome.. I mean mushrooms with a bit of cheese on toast and chorizo, can’t be that great right? Well I was proved wrong! It was one of the most delicious things I’ve had for brunch in a long time! Everything went so well together and it was all perfectly cooked! Definitely a recommended dish!


My partner wasn’t too sold on the menu and how it had so little to offer so he ended up ordering the Chicken Kiev. When it came out, he didn’t look too impressed as he was hungry and this dish was literally 3 pieces of small chicken legs with some potatoes underneath. When he tried it though, haha was he surprised. He loved the dish! The chicken was perfectly nice and moist and the potatoes were a nice compliment to the dish. Even though he was hungry by the time he finished the dish, he was nicely satisfied which was good.


I haven’t been back to this place since, which is a bit of a disappointment but I have already recommended it to friends andI’m hoping when they try it they’ll love it as much as I do. Will definitely be back for sure!

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South of Johnson

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South of Johnson

This cafe was hard to find. Although maybe it’s just my eyesight going bad! 🙂 Nestled on a small road behind Smith Street, this cafe seemed quite quiet from the outside but once you step through those doors, its all hustle and bustle. We didn’t have to wait at all for a seat.. maybe because it was a cold rainy day in Melbourne. We were seated in the area ‘outside’ but it was undercover which was fine. There was an array of things to order but I settled on the corn fritters where as my partner tried the french toast.

At first glance, my corn fritters looked really good! There was enough of everything on the plate. After trying it however, I felt like they tried to put too much on the plate. There was bacon, fritters, egg, a tomato salsa, avocado and rocket. I think there was a bit too much going on for my liking. There was a generous serving of bacon which I love and the fritters were nice, but I think it could have done without the egg and rocket and just stuck with bacon, fritters, salsa and avocado. That would have been perfect! The dish was still nice but I don’t think there was much wow factor in it.

I also tried a bit of my partners french toast. To us, we had tasted a lot better. This French toast does not even compare to the one we had at French Fantasies. This one just tasted like regular French toast that you could make at home. The ice cream that came with it was just a vanilla ice cream and my partner decided to add bacon onto it (don’t ask me why but he always does it). I think this dish was a bit of a let down. Also I think 3 pieces of toast is way too much for a serving for breakfast.

The atmosphere of this place is pleasant and the staff are lovely. I think they need to up the anti on their food though and give it something different or put a bit of wow factor in it. We probably won’t be back any time soon considering there are so many other places that we still haven’t tried and it also didn’t have that spark in the food.

Coin Laundry Cafe



Coin Laundry Cafe

This cute little cafe situated in Armadale. I came upon this place when a few friends wanted to have brunch at somewhere different. We had to wait a little bit.. maybe 15 minutes for a seat.. which wasn’t too bad I suppose as there ended up being 6 of us. We sat outside on a lovely summers day.

I ordered my soy mocha and the Smoked Salmon, Winter salad with walnut, toasted brioche and poached egg. The salad was beautifully presented but personally I think it needed more sauce. The salad was a bit bland here and there and the brioche.. lets just say I’ve had better. It was an ok dish but I don’t think I’d order it again if I went back.

The overall atmosphere of the place was nice and pleasant. If you want to go with a big group it may be hard to get a seat but the staff are lovely and accommodating when possible.




Giddiup (South Melbourne)

Little cafe near the South Melbourne Market. Get in early or there’ll be a wait! Ordered a Soy Mocha, Baked Eggs with beans and Chorizo and the Smoked Salmon and 3 cheese omelette special.

The Smoked Salmon and 3 cheese omelette was so nice and fresh with avocado and greens.

Baked Eggs were good but then again, baked eggs are very similar where ever you get them.

Overall was a very good cafe for brunch. As mentioned there could be a wait. We went on a Sunday around midday and we got a seat straight away but there was a line 5 mins later. Worth a try, would love to go again!

Breakfast Thieves


Breakfast thieves

Cozy little cafe off Smith St in Fitzroy.

Ordered the baked eggs which came with a garlic bread on the side and the french toast with poached pears.

The baked eggs were average. The chorizo in it tasted a bit strange and there were chunks of mushroom as well. Compared to other baked eggs I’ve had this wasn’t up to scratch.

The french toast however was delicious! The bread had a nice cinnamon flavour to it, it tasted like donuts! The pears were poached perfectly and all the flavour combinations worked so well!

Overall a really nice cafe despite the baked eggs not being up to scratch. Would still go back to try something else.