Kamakura Matsubara-an Keyaki

Tucked away on the 4th floor (I think) in Harajuku, we found an amazing soba restaurant.  After having walked around a lot that day we were up for a decent feed and came across this restaurant on Trip Advisor.

We were seated overlooking the street below and were offered our menus. I ordered the tempura soba and my boyfriend ordered the cold soba with a duck broth.


This was my dish and I absolutely adored it. The tempura was lovely and light and very crunchy. Also barely oily at all! The soba was served in a rich broth. I loved this dish.  So simple but so tasty!


This was my boyfriends cold soba dish. I tried a bit of his duck broth and it was amazingly rich and full of flavour!

When we finished our meal we had a bit of broth left over and one of the waitresses came by to our table and handed us a teapot of boiling water.  My boyfriend and I just looked at each other and were a bit confused. What were we supposed to do with this and what was it for? Luckily the waitress came back and told us! As we had an extra small bowl each with nothing in it,  you were supposed to take a few spoonfuls of the broth,  put it in the bowl and then add the water to make a soup! Genius! Why didn’t we think of that?! Haha

All in all I really enjoyed this restaurant.  After a long day of walking all you want to do is sit down and have a nice bowl of delicious food!


Menya Sandaime

When I saw this restaurant on broadsheet, I told myself I need to try this place, 24/7 Ramen! We woke up a little hungover one cold Sunday morning and I thought, what better way to cure our starvation and hangover!

I thought there might be a wait since this place was newly open but lucky enough for us, no line! Got a seat straight away! The restaurant is small and doesn’t fit a lot of people so if you can come at an odd hour where there aren’t many people would be perfect!


I wasn’t sure what ramen to choose as there were a few different types but I ended up settling for the basic Menya Sandaime and my boyfriend ordered the Tsukemen Ramen. We also ordered a side of gyoza.


The gyoza came out looking like typical gyoza but surprisingly tasted different to other gyoza’s I have tasted. It actually tasted better which was good!


Next my ramen! From what I saw from other people’s dishes, the bowls looked huge! But when mine came out I realised it wasn’t as big as I thought but that was fine with me. I loved the flavour of the broth and I really liked the way the pork belly was cooked. Different to other places where they have the chasyu. This pork belly had a nice grilled flavour to it which made the dish different to other ramens I have tried.


My boyfriends Tsukemen Ramen was huge! Although he did end up ordering extra noodles. I still am confused with the concept of noodles in one bowl and broth in another but it seemed to work. The broth had a nice seafood-y flavour to it which wasn’t too overpowering.

I actually really like this place. I don’t know how long I would wait if I had to but I would definitely come back again to try one of the other ramens!

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