35 steps

We wanted to find an izakaya place close to Shibuya so onto Tripadvisor we went. There seemed to be good reviews on a place called 35 steps so we figured we’d give it a go!

Nestled down exactly 35 steps, this place is quite hidden away. It looked like we were heading down some dark and dingy basement however at when we arrived the place was filled with people sitting around enjoying good food!

As we did not have a reservation, we were tucked away into a room, which was fine.. at least we got a seat! the waiter gave us an english menu and we got to ordering!


This was a flamed grilled mackerel that was flame grilled right in front of us! The fish was delicious and perfectly cooked! This is one of their popular dishes.


Next were some deep fried prawns with a special sauce. I though this dish was nice but not amazing. My boyfriend really liked the sauce to this dish. We think it was like a sweet chilli mayo.


Next we had some garlic bread with a tuna and avacado ceviche (I think). Although this dish seemed basic, the flavours went so well with each other!

As we weren’t super hungry when we arrived we only ordered these three dishes. (I forgot to mention, they also give you a complementary salad at the beginning!)

Last but not least, dessert!


This might seem strange to some. Bread with tofu and honey. The description of this was very weird to me. How do those three things taste good altogether?? I tried some and boy was I surprised. The tofu used here was quite hard to what I’m used to. It also seemed a bit sweet but not sure if that was from the honey or not. The dish was AMAZING to say the least. We put some tofu and honey on a piece of bread and added a strawberry. It sort of tasted like a honey cheesecake with strawberries! I couldn’t get over how good it was as I was really skeptical at first.

If you do happen to try this place, definitely get the mackerel and the tofu dessert. Also we got a cold sake that came in a bamboo!

Loved this place!  Not sure if it was exactly an izakaya but would definitely come back!