Choc Chip Cookies

On a cold rainy Saturday afternoon, all I feel like doing is baking. Baking what you ask?? Choc chip cookies of course!

I was watching Masterchef the other day and they made choc chip cookies for a challenge! The cookies looked amazingly crunchy and soft at the same time I just had to try it out for myself.

Shopped for all the ingredients and whipped it all up in no time! I ended up with amazing delicious cookies! Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside! Perfect!



Pizza Pizza Pizza

Ever wanted to go to a hidden bar in Melbourne but just don’t know where to go or how to get in? Let me tell you, you’ll want to come to this place… Pizza pizza pizza!

Well the shop out front is called this, the back of the pizza joint hidden behind a black curtain, you’ll find a cozy bar filled topped up with cocktails, a DJ and little booths!

My friend had gone to the opening of this place the other week and she was dying to show me so we went yesterday! The pizza shop is on Meyers lane in the CBD. It’s not hard to miss. You walk in and mention to the guy you’re here for the bar, or you’d like the secret menu and he should let you in.

We came after work on a Friday and since this place isn’t well known yet, we were the first ones there, but to be honest, it didn’t matter. We sat ourselves in a booth and ordered some cocktails. I tried a daquari and also the fruitini. Both were really nice! Alcohol not too overpowering and nice and fruity at the same time.

This place also sells pizzas.. and when I say pizzas, I mean big New York sized pizzas! There are only a few flavours you can choose from but you can also go halvies! We ordered half pepperoni and half mushroom… this is between 3 people!

Out comes the piping hot pizza and it was amazing! Not exactly like New York pizzas, the base is a little thicker but hey, its good enough!

Definitely go check this place out! Would love to come back again.

Here’s a picture of the pizza, sorry lighting in the bar wasn’t great but you get the idea 馃檪


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Le Petit Prince

This would be the perfect spot for brunch on a lovely, sunny weekend! The day we went it was actually a little cloudy but not too cold so we sat outside.

I ordered the smashed avocado and my boyfriend ordered the mango hotcakes.


The mango hotcakes looked amazing and I tried a bit and they tasted really good! Mango pieces with sago and coconut jelly! How could you go wrong?!?! And the presentation was pretty too!


My smashed avocado was ok… nothing special which was a bit disappointing. I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to smashed avocado as it can get a bit boring. This one said it came with feta but I think the feta was mixed in with the avocado which I didn’t realise.

Would come back but maybe only if I’m in the area.

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Pandan Cake

So over the holidays I thought I’d try baking a pandan cake… twice.

The first time I didn’t have a pandan tin, I just used a regular cake tin but I think it turned out alright. Not as high as I would have liked and not as green either but it tasted almost exactly the same as what I remember it to taste like when I had it when I was younger. So light and fluffy!



This is my second go. I should have taken a picture of what the whole cake looked like before we ate it! My sister asked me to make it for my dad’s birthday so I figured I’d give it another shot. This time I used more green food colouring (I know pandan essence is supposed to be green but the one I bought was very light so i figured I’d add a bit more colour!).

This time was a bit of a disaster when I made it. It came out of the oven looking perfect but when I turned the tin upside down, stupid me forgot that the bottom of the cake tin is loose and before I knew it, the bottom was squashing the cake! *cries* So much for making a high cake! I had to think on my feet this time to see how I could fix this. I couldn’t serve a squashed ugly cake to my family for my dad’s birthday!

So I went online and found the perfect way to fix it! I covered it with some icing from the below website and success!!!

It didn’t look as amazing as I would have liked but dad said it tasted better than the ones in the shop! That’s all I needed to hear!聽As you can see in the below pic, everyone gobbled it up before I could even take a picture!


Piggery Cafe

Wow, I have been a bit lazy with posts! Sorry!

Here’s some pics of the Piggery Cafe up near Mt Dandenong! Came here a few months ago with the other half. I got a lamb pie and my boyfriend got the chicken platter.


The lamb pie was ok. I wouldn’t rave on about it too much. It came with side salads. I think one was a cauliflower salad and I can’t remember the other one but the cauliflower one was the better of the both.

I tried a bit of my boyfriends chicken platter and it was actually really good! It had different types of chicken on there, wings, maryland and homemade chicken nuggets! It was pretty tasty!

It’s a nice drive out to the area but it can get quite busy on a nice day. Be prepared to wait a bit at peak time but I would recommend it for a nice little cafe on the outskirts of Melbourne!

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Just giving my Japan posts a little break for now….

After so long, we finally made it to Entrec么te for dinner! We had always wanted to try it but never really got around to it because of the long lines we always see out front.

One nice warm night, we figured we would give it a go. We were seated outside which was quite warm but once the shade was adjusted, it was actually quite nice.

We ordered the typical Steak Frites as we wanted to see what the fuss was about. I ordered mine medium and my partner ordered his medium rare.


This picture was my steak. Although it looks medium on the photo, I think it was a little over done. My partners one looked medium as well. The steak itself is actually quite a tender cut. Although not cooked to my liking, it was still quite tasty and the herb sauce was delicious! And who can say anything bad about the fries! At Entrec么te there is actually unlimited fries so if you want more, you can order more! On this note however, I think the amount of food you get on the plate is more than enough and you also get a side salad with it as well.

We figured, as we had made the effort to come here, we thought we would order dessert. Everyone has a second stomach for dessert! We ordered the Fanancier aux Amandes.


In short, it’s pretty much an almond cake with Raspberry coulis, raspberry sorbet and marscarpone. The cake was lovely and light. The marscarpone was perfect to cut through the tartness of the raspberries and the sorbet was light and delicious.

Overall, I was expecting more from Entrec么te. For a steak place, you would think they would cook the steak as you had asked. Apart from that, I would still try it again to give it another go.

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On our trip back to the station after going to the Studio Ghibli museum, we felt like trying some authentic Japanese curry!

Taking a look online and at Trip Advisor, we came across Mamezo. This cute little restaurant was definitely a find!


I ordered a chicken curry, although I don’t remember what my boyfriend ordered. o.O

P1040456 copy

The servings were quite generous. I loved every bit about it! The sauce, the chicken, the pickles! It was soooo good! My boyfriend was considering ordering another one!

If you happen to go to the Studio Ghibli museum and want to try something different before you head back, definitely try this place! Delicious!