The Move to the BIG Apple!

So I know I haven’t posted anything for a few months. Our lives have been extra busy the last few months as we have recently just moved to New York! My husband was offered a job with Uber over here and starts in February! We can’t wait!

Now I’m currently sitting in a small studio serviced apartment in the heart of Koreatown, New York. It is pretty cold outside (1 degree Celsius) and has been cold the last few days. Something we’re not 100% used to considering the day we left Melbourne, it was supposed to be a sweltering 39 degrees!

As my husband will be working full time, I figured, what should I do with myself? Plenty of people were telling me to be a lady of leisure but I don’t think it’s something that I could do. I think I would be bored out of my brains! I also didn’t want to do just a random job either, especially since I’ve heard that New York doesn’t exactly pay amazingly for a random kind of job. Also I might add, since I am here as a dependent on my husbands visa, I technically can’t work for 3 months anyways. 3 months! Even if I wanted to find a whatever job, 3 months of doing nothing would drive me crazy!

Because of this, I have decided to go back to school to study something I love… what is that you ask? Pastry of course!!!

I enrolled into a 6 month Professional Pastry Arts program at the International Culinary Centre a few months ago and got accepted! My official start date is on the 13th February so a bit less than 3 weeks to go! It’s crazy! I have an orientation day that is on the 9th February so that will be exciting! I’ll get to meet the teachers and the other students too!

It’s a bit surreal that we’re here after knowing about this for so long but we can’t wait for the next chapter of our lives to start!

Stay tuned! I plan on updating my blog as the 6 months of pastry school evolve!



Burnt Toast Cafe – Whitehorse, Canada

I figured I’d go a bit left field and post something different. The hubby and I went on our honeymoon and stopped off in a little town in Canada called Whitehorse. Whitehorse is situated north of Vancouver. The town only has about 30,000 people and the province of Yukon where Whitehorse is situated has a total of 35,000 people. That’s crazy that the rest of the province only has 5,000!

The whole reason of coming here was to try and see the Northern Lights.. unfortunately we were unsuccessful in this which was a bit of a bummer.

We did however get to roam the town of Whitehorse and we got to try lunch at one of their cafes.

Burnt Toast cafe is situated on the main road within the town. Unlike the name suggests, it doesn’t serve burnt toast!


We had a lovely relaxing lunch here. I ordered a mexican toasted sandwich which had cheese, avocado, salsa, and jalepenos in it with a side of chips, and the hubby ordered a deathly looking pulled pork mexican poutine!


If you haven’t tried poutine before, you need to try it! It usually consists of chips, smothered in gravy and cheese curds. However, there are certain places that like to change it up a bit.


I’d have to say the toasted sandwich was a bit average, it was something I probably could have made at home. Also the chips I’ve found in Canada are more dryer and never salted.

The poutine was amazingly fatty but so good!

If you ever get the chance to go Whitehorse you should go check it out! Even though it is a pretty small town, the people there are lovely and it just seems so relaxing. I would love to go back just to try and see the Northern lights again… maybe in a few years 🙂


You must know how much I love Japanese by now? 😛 I’m on a mission to find every Japanese breakfast place in Melbourne!

We stumbled upon this place a while ago. It’s situated in Collingwood down the end where all the factory outlets are. The place is in what looks like an old warehouse. The cafe is out the front and they have a shop out the back which sells Japanese products.

I ordered a hojicha tea, since it was a cold day. It really hit the spot! It came in a cute little teapot, I could do with one of these at home!


Then came the breakfast plate. I love how everything looks so nice and healthy! The dish came with some rice, mashed potato, salmon, egg, a salad and miso soup. I loved everything about the dish. Everything was cooked to perfection! I think the menu has changed a bit since I last went as I think the breakfast place has a few different things on it.


I haven’t been back since this time but I would definitely go again. I love love love Japanese breakfasts!

Cibi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Ada Grace

How did I only recently find out about this place???

I’ve been in South Melbourne for the past 4 years and had never even heard of this place!


Ada Grace is a cute little cafe tucked away in one of the side streets in South Melbourne. The place is nice and cosy with an indoor garden on the roof!

I ordered my normal soy mocha. I find this a bit on the bitter side here but still nice none the less. My hubby ordered the green mango smoothie which I loved! You could have this just as a meal. The mango is subtle and the avocado makes the smoothie lovely and creamy.


I ordered the croquettes and hubby ordered the duck salad.

I found the croquettes nice and crunchy. I think they could have had more flavour in it but I liked how it was a nice and light meal.


I tried a bit of the duck salad. This was also nice and light, great for a healthy lunch. The orange segments give the dish some great freshness. I do however think this dish is quite overpriced. For $19.50, there isn’t much duck in the salad.


We’ve been back to this place another once or twice since the first time. It’s always nice to have a local which you know you can get good food and service!

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Ah… the infamous Kuu… when we thought that no one else knew about this place. Now we can barely get a seat in there!

These pictures are from when we went once upon a time. We’ve been so often I can’t count how many dishes we’ve tried!

They make a really nice soy matcha and a matcha banana smoothie. I’ve found some places that make soy matchas, the matcha isn’t dissolved properly and it’s a bit grainy. Here though, it’s pretty good!

20151025_121123   20151025_121209

What to say about their food but… I really miss Japan! Below is a picture of the Japanese Brekky platter for the hungry. You get two salads, a poached egg, small piece of salmon, 2 onigiri, miso soup and a small bit of potato salad as well (I think this dish has changed slightly since this photo was taken).

I really like the flavours of this dish. The salads are nice and fresh, the onigiri are good but I think there is a bit too much rice, I could do without the poached egg (only because I’m not a massive fan of poached eggs), the salmon is perfectly cooked (I could do with a bigger piece though :p) and the miso soup compliments the dish very well. It seems like a lot of food but surprisingly, even though I was full after, I didn’t feel all gross and sluggish! Win!


My hubby always loves to try the katsu currys when we go to Japanese places. This one is up there! I mean nothing is comparable to the one we had in Japan but it’s still pretty good! Flavours were really nice and the katsu was cooked perfectly.


As I said, this is one of our regulars. We love Japanese food and Japanese breakfasts are one of our favourites!

Definitely try this place if you haven’t already! It’s quite small so I would try to get there early to snag a seat inside!

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Choc Chip Cookies

On a cold rainy Saturday afternoon, all I feel like doing is baking. Baking what you ask?? Choc chip cookies of course!

I was watching Masterchef the other day and they made choc chip cookies for a challenge! The cookies looked amazingly crunchy and soft at the same time I just had to try it out for myself.

Shopped for all the ingredients and whipped it all up in no time! I ended up with amazing delicious cookies! Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside! Perfect!