Ah… the infamous Kuu… when we thought that no one else knew about this place. Now we can barely get a seat in there!

These pictures are from when we went once upon a time. We’ve been so often I can’t count how many dishes we’ve tried!

They make a really nice soy matcha and a matcha banana smoothie. I’ve found some places that make soy matchas, the matcha isn’t dissolved properly and it’s a bit grainy. Here though, it’s pretty good!

20151025_121123   20151025_121209

What to say about their food but… I really miss Japan! Below is a picture of the Japanese Brekky platter for the hungry. You get two salads, a poached egg, small piece of salmon, 2 onigiri, miso soup and a small bit of potato salad as well (I think this dish has changed slightly since this photo was taken).

I really like the flavours of this dish. The salads are nice and fresh, the onigiri are good but I think there is a bit too much rice, I could do without the poached egg (only because I’m not a massive fan of poached eggs), the salmon is perfectly cooked (I could do with a bigger piece though :p) and the miso soup compliments the dish very well. It seems like a lot of food but surprisingly, even though I was full after, I didn’t feel all gross and sluggish! Win!


My hubby always loves to try the katsu currys when we go to Japanese places. This one is up there! I mean nothing is comparable to the one we had in Japan but it’s still pretty good! Flavours were really nice and the katsu was cooked perfectly.


As I said, this is one of our regulars. We love Japanese food and Japanese breakfasts are one of our favourites!

Definitely try this place if you haven’t already! It’s quite small so I would try to get there early to snag a seat inside!

KUU Cafe + Japanese Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



On our trip back to the station after going to the Studio Ghibli museum, we felt like trying some authentic Japanese curry!

Taking a look online and at Trip Advisor, we came across Mamezo. This cute little restaurant was definitely a find!


I ordered a chicken curry, although I don’t remember what my boyfriend ordered. o.O

P1040456 copy

The servings were quite generous. I loved every bit about it! The sauce, the chicken, the pickles! It was soooo good! My boyfriend was considering ordering another one!

If you happen to go to the Studio Ghibli museum and want to try something different before you head back, definitely try this place! Delicious!

Daiwa Sushi

Tokyo is known for it’s fresh sushi and what better place to have the freshest sushi than at Daiwa Sushi.

For those of you that don’t know, this is one of the popular sushi restaurants situated at the famous Tsukuji Fish market. To be able to get into this restaurant without having to wait hours, is to come very early in the morning. When we showed up, we weren’t sure which one to choose, Daiwa Sushi or Sushi Dai.

We arrived in the area around 4am and there was a massive line outside Sushi Dai already. There were at least 20+ people in line! Daiwa Sushi however, had only 2 people in line. I thought this was strange but seriously, how different can they both be? As we couldn’t be bothered waiting over 2 hours in the Sushi Dai line, we figured we might as well try Daiwa Sushi. At least we would be one of the first ones in!

The restaurant opened at 5:30, half an hr after Sushi Dai. The place seated about 10-12 people at a time. We were seated and straight away given miso soup and the sushi started to be served.


Overall, we were given about 10 pieces of nigiri. All different types of fish.  I think my favourite of them all was the fatty tuna (I think that was the name). It was nice and creamy and so fresh!

I found the raw prawn one to be a bit strange. It was a bit too creamy for my liking and the texture was a bit weird.


Overall, I think this place was well worth it! The service was quick and efficient! The amount of sushi you were given was more than enough for breakfast! Next time I wouldn’t mind trying Sushi Dai but that all depends on if I can be bothered waiting. If you’re like me and just want to eat good, fresh sushi, give Daiwa Sushi a go! It won’t disappoint!


Kamakura Matsubara-an Keyaki

Tucked away on the 4th floor (I think) in Harajuku, we found an amazing soba restaurant.  After having walked around a lot that day we were up for a decent feed and came across this restaurant on Trip Advisor.

We were seated overlooking the street below and were offered our menus. I ordered the tempura soba and my boyfriend ordered the cold soba with a duck broth.


This was my dish and I absolutely adored it. The tempura was lovely and light and very crunchy. Also barely oily at all! The soba was served in a rich broth. I loved this dish.  So simple but so tasty!


This was my boyfriends cold soba dish. I tried a bit of his duck broth and it was amazingly rich and full of flavour!

When we finished our meal we had a bit of broth left over and one of the waitresses came by to our table and handed us a teapot of boiling water.  My boyfriend and I just looked at each other and were a bit confused. What were we supposed to do with this and what was it for? Luckily the waitress came back and told us! As we had an extra small bowl each with nothing in it,  you were supposed to take a few spoonfuls of the broth,  put it in the bowl and then add the water to make a soup! Genius! Why didn’t we think of that?! Haha

All in all I really enjoyed this restaurant.  After a long day of walking all you want to do is sit down and have a nice bowl of delicious food!

35 steps

We wanted to find an izakaya place close to Shibuya so onto Tripadvisor we went. There seemed to be good reviews on a place called 35 steps so we figured we’d give it a go!

Nestled down exactly 35 steps, this place is quite hidden away. It looked like we were heading down some dark and dingy basement however at when we arrived the place was filled with people sitting around enjoying good food!

As we did not have a reservation, we were tucked away into a room, which was fine.. at least we got a seat! the waiter gave us an english menu and we got to ordering!


This was a flamed grilled mackerel that was flame grilled right in front of us! The fish was delicious and perfectly cooked! This is one of their popular dishes.


Next were some deep fried prawns with a special sauce. I though this dish was nice but not amazing. My boyfriend really liked the sauce to this dish. We think it was like a sweet chilli mayo.


Next we had some garlic bread with a tuna and avacado ceviche (I think). Although this dish seemed basic, the flavours went so well with each other!

As we weren’t super hungry when we arrived we only ordered these three dishes. (I forgot to mention, they also give you a complementary salad at the beginning!)

Last but not least, dessert!


This might seem strange to some. Bread with tofu and honey. The description of this was very weird to me. How do those three things taste good altogether?? I tried some and boy was I surprised. The tofu used here was quite hard to what I’m used to. It also seemed a bit sweet but not sure if that was from the honey or not. The dish was AMAZING to say the least. We put some tofu and honey on a piece of bread and added a strawberry. It sort of tasted like a honey cheesecake with strawberries! I couldn’t get over how good it was as I was really skeptical at first.

If you do happen to try this place, definitely get the mackerel and the tofu dessert. Also we got a cold sake that came in a bamboo!

Loved this place!  Not sure if it was exactly an izakaya but would definitely come back!


On a rainy day, all you want is a nice bowl of soup… and noodles! In this case udon noodles!

Came across Metsu-Dan in Shinjuku. A quaint restaurant with practically no one in it! Probably because it was 3pm in the afternoon on a weekday!


You get to choose what kind of udon you want, then you can choose what you want in your noodles.. e.g prawns, fish, vegetables etc. Then you pay. After paying there’s a dispenser (sort of like a water dispenser) that you put your bowl under and hot soup comes out! You can also refill your soup if you want!


I ended up just getting a plain kim chi flavoured udon and my boyfriend added prawns to his.

On a cold rainy day, this is just what we needed to pick us back up and keep going!

By the sea

This was a bit of a random find. We were looking for a good sashimi place and came across ‘By the sea’ on trip advisor.

The place is a bit random and funky looking and the staff are pretty nice. We were given an english menu with pictures n all! Haha we ended up ordering a sashimi platter, prawns, some sort of crab dish and we ordered dessert too!


This was the sashimi platter. It was presented beautifully and it was surprisingly quite big (and cheap)! The fish was lovely and fresh although there were raw prawns on the dish which i hadn’t tried before. I thought it was strange.. sort of creamy texture that turns a bit pastey in your mouth. Wasnt really to my liking but was good to try!


Next we got the crab dish. It was served in a crab shell with some rice crackers on the side. In the crab shell was crab mixed with onions and some sort of sauce. We ate this with the crackers.. which is what I think was meant to be done. It was delicious.


Now this prawn dish was interesting. The waiter came out to us with a clear bowl with the prawns in it with wine. My boyfriend and I gave each other weird looks as the waiter swished the prawns around the bowl technically killing our meal in front of us.. o.O when he left we were actually worried he was going to just serve us raw prawns that we would need to peel ourselves. Luckily out came lovely cooked prawns with a dipping sauce. I guess in a way, thats the freshest prawns you could possibly get!


We had an amazing meal here and would recommend anyone to try it if you’re in the area! Delicious fresh seafood and very polite service!