Choc Chip Cookies

On a cold rainy Saturday afternoon, all I feel like doing is baking. Baking what you ask?? Choc chip cookies of course!

I was watching Masterchef the other day and they made choc chip cookies for a challenge! The cookies looked amazingly crunchy and soft at the same time I just had to try it out for myself.

Shopped for all the ingredients and whipped it all up in no time! I ended up with amazing delicious cookies! Soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside! Perfect!



Pandan Cake

So over the holidays I thought I’d try baking a pandan cake… twice.

The first time I didn’t have a pandan tin, I just used a regular cake tin but I think it turned out alright. Not as high as I would have liked and not as green either but it tasted almost exactly the same as what I remember it to taste like when I had it when I was younger. So light and fluffy!



This is my second go. I should have taken a picture of what the whole cake looked like before we ate it! My sister asked me to make it for my dad’s birthday so I figured I’d give it another shot. This time I used more green food colouring (I know pandan essence is supposed to be green but the one I bought was very light so i figured I’d add a bit more colour!).

This time was a bit of a disaster when I made it. It came out of the oven looking perfect but when I turned the tin upside down, stupid me forgot that the bottom of the cake tin is loose and before I knew it, the bottom was squashing the cake! *cries* So much for making a high cake! I had to think on my feet this time to see how I could fix this. I couldn’t serve a squashed ugly cake to my family for my dad’s birthday!

So I went online and found the perfect way to fix it! I covered it with some icing from the below website and success!!!

It didn’t look as amazing as I would have liked but dad said it tasted better than the ones in the shop! That’s all I needed to hear! As you can see in the below pic, everyone gobbled it up before I could even take a picture!


Happy pudding

We stumbled upon Happy pudding whilst trying to find another restaurant and boy was it a good find!


Situated behind a restaurant, this cute place has a fridge full of puddings for you to try! When I say puddings, its more like a creme caramel but close enough. The packaging of these puddings are so cute with different coloured tops.


We decided on an original flavour and a lemon and honey (I think it was honey)


The original one did taste like a creme caramel but it was pretty good none the less. The lemon and honey was to die for! I didn’t realise the lemon flavour would go so well but it did and it was amazing!


There were a few chairs just outside the place so we took a seat and enjoyed ourselves! Definitely a good find!

Hoshino coffee

Whilst we were walking around on our first day looking for food we came across Hoshino coffee. It sort of reminded me a bit of a mix between Starbucks and Pancake parlour.

I just ordered a lemon tea since I don’t drnk coffee and we also ordered a cheesecake souffle and some sort of pancake thing that they’re known for.


The souffle tasted like a really airy Japanese cheesecake. Was so good!

The pancake thing (in the pic above) was interesting. It came with a dollop of cream at the top and maple syrup. The flavour tasted like a pancake from Pancake parlour but the texture was a little different. The outside had a crispy texture where as the inside was light and fluffy. Certainly different to pancakes we have back in Melbourne!

If you get the chance, try the pancake. Its a nice change to what we’re used to. Also Hoshino coffee in Shibuya overlooks the crossing so if you’re lucky enough, you can enjoy your coffee and dessert whilst watching one of the busiest crossings!

Savour School

I’ve actually been meaning to post this up for a while now but have been a bit lazy. Only because there will be a lot to write in this post! So for my birthday in March this year my wonderful partner gave me a present of a voucher for a place called Savour School. This is a Chocolate and Patisserie School located in Brunswick just out of the Melbourne CBD.

There are an extensive range of classes that you can choose from but I decided to go for the Petit Fours class (run on Wednesday and Thursday night). From the picture below, these are the different sorts of Petit Fours desserts we made over the two nights.


Although I did not take part in all of the baking/cooking/glazing etc, I was able to take a few shots of the processes as they were happening and the end results.

20140327_203531 20140327_210648

Here we have a Palet d’Or with Pine nuts. I only had a small hand in making these but OMG were they delicious! There was a cake type filling with pine nuts under that silky ganache and topped with a beautiful chocolate disc.

20140326_190511 20140326_202307 20140326_204805

20140327_182609 20140327_182647

Here we have a few pictures of the Citron Mandarin Choux. I helped to make this one from scratch which was nice as I had never made choux pastry before. The middle was filled with a lovely silky Creme Patissiere, and some of them were actually filled with a  chocolate mousse. We also topped the Choux with a Croustillant (red disc on top of the pastry) Although you can’t see it in this picture, we also dusted the red with a bit of edible gold powder. Very pretty and delicious!

20140327_184553 20140327_200305

Next we have the Petit Opera Crisp. This contained an Almond sponge cake, Coffee Buttercream, Paillete Feuilletine Insert, topped with ganache. If you love coffee, this is the dessert for you!


Here you can see the Piedmonte in the making. It consists of a Hazelnut Sponge cake topped with buttercream and Flaked almond biscuit. This recipe was amended a little bit on the day. This is supposed to have flaked almond biscuit on it, which it did, but we ended up making too many of them so we piped some buttercream on top of that as well and made something similar.. sorry I don’t have pictures of that 😦

20140326_213430 20140327_190617 20140327_202229

This Petit Four would have to be my favourite of them all. It’s called Chocolate Lovers. This consists of a thin cocoa dough on the bottom, a mousse dome filed with Peanut Croustillant, then covered with a Dark Chocolate Velvet spray. Absolutely divine!

20140327_202215 20140327_210753 20140327_205831

Last of all we have the Jamaica. I’d have to say this was my second favourite one of the lot. A lovely, slightly sour/sweet financier (cake) at the bottom, topped with a citrus type jelly and garnished with curled white chocolate and candied lemon/lime. Deliciously light and not too sweet.

Overall I really enjoyed taking this class. Even after a long day at work, the next 4 hours on a Wednesday and Thursday night went by like a flash of light. We were always busy creating something spectacular! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to give this a go or wants to refine their skills. As I mentioned there are plenty of different classes you can take, not just Petit Fours. They also take on people who are completely new to baking as well so don’t be scared to try something interesting and different. In saying that, one small point I would have to mention about this specific class. Even though I enjoyed it very much, as there were so many different elements in each dessert, it was hard to get a sense of how to make everything that I have shown here. As I said, I only took part in a few things but there were plenty of other elements to each dessert I would have loved to have had a go at. I have heard that this specific class is quite rushed and hard to learn all the different techniques but in saying that, I’ve also heard about other classes that have extensively taught everything from start to finish. I guess it just depends on which class you choose and how technical it is.

Anyway, I would definitely highly recommend this school to anyone willing to give pastry making or dessert a go. I met wonderful people, had an informative teacher and most of all, it was very hands on which I loved. Give it a go! You never know what you will be able to achieve! 🙂