Pizza Pizza Pizza

Ever wanted to go to a hidden bar in Melbourne but just don’t know where to go or how to get in? Let me tell you, you’ll want to come to this place… Pizza pizza pizza!

Well the shop out front is called this, the back of the pizza joint hidden behind a black curtain, you’ll find a cozy bar filled topped up with cocktails, a DJ and little booths!

My friend had gone to the opening of this place the other week and she was dying to show me so we went yesterday! The pizza shop is on Meyers lane in the CBD. It’s not hard to miss. You walk in and mention to the guy you’re here for the bar, or you’d like the secret menu and he should let you in.

We came after work on a Friday and since this place isn’t well known yet, we were the first ones there, but to be honest, it didn’t matter. We sat ourselves in a booth and ordered some cocktails. I tried a daquari and also the fruitini. Both were really nice! Alcohol not too overpowering and nice and fruity at the same time.

This place also sells pizzas.. and when I say pizzas, I mean big New York sized pizzas! There are only a few flavours you can choose from but you can also go halvies! We ordered half pepperoni and half mushroom… this is between 3 people!

Out comes the piping hot pizza and it was amazing! Not exactly like New York pizzas, the base is a little thicker but hey, its good enough!

Definitely go check this place out! Would love to come back again.

Here’s a picture of the pizza, sorry lighting in the bar wasn’t great but you get the idea 🙂


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