Welcome to Couchfoodies. A blog all about food! 🙂

I am a 28 year old Melbournian who LOVES to eat, dine out and experiment with food in the kitchen. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, I’m always up for a feed!

This blog will hopefully be a great way for you all to get to know the food culture within Melbourne. There are many different restaurants/cafes that I still have not yet tried (I will get around to it). Here in this blog I will share with you all the places I have dined at recently, places I have loved and places that may not be worth going to… the good, the bad and the ugly 🙂 There’ll also be snippets of places that I have travelled to across the years and the food that I have been fortunate enough to try. Hopefully it will give you an insight as to what is worth trying.

In regards to the recipes on this blog, some of them I have created myself, others I have used different websites and possibly tweaked things here and there. I will try to get more recipes up and running to showcase to you all what I love to do.. and also the ups and downs that happen within my kitchen… I’m sure we all have them once in a while 🙂

Read, explore and enjoy the stories of my  food adventures.

Happy Eating! ~~ CF xx


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