Pandan Cake

So over the holidays I thought I’d try baking a pandan cake… twice.

The first time I didn’t have a pandan tin, I just used a regular cake tin but I think it turned out alright. Not as high as I would have liked and not as green either but it tasted almost exactly the same as what I remember it to taste like when I had it when I was younger. So light and fluffy!



This is my second go. I should have taken a picture of what the whole cake looked like before we ate it! My sister asked me to make it for my dad’s birthday so I figured I’d give it another shot. This time I used more green food colouring (I know pandan essence is supposed to be green but the one I bought was very light so i figured I’d add a bit more colour!).

This time was a bit of a disaster when I made it. It came out of the oven looking perfect but when I turned the tin upside down, stupid me forgot that the bottom of the cake tin is loose and before I knew it, the bottom was squashing the cake! *cries* So much for making a high cake! I had to think on my feet this time to see how I could fix this. I couldn’t serve a squashed ugly cake to my family for my dad’s birthday!

So I went online and found the perfect way to fix it! I covered it with some icing from the below website and success!!!

It didn’t look as amazing as I would have liked but dad said it tasted better than the ones in the shop! That’s all I needed to hear! As you can see in the below pic, everyone gobbled it up before I could even take a picture!



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