If you love okonomiyaki, this is the place to go!

I’m pretty sure Sakura-Tei is a chain restaurant but the one we went to was in Shibuya. Tucked away by a small road, this place isn’t easy to find.


We were seated in a small room in front of our own hot plate! The place is very tourist friendly with the menu in english and there are also instructions on how to make your own okonomiyaki!


The okonomiyaki was delicious! Even though we cooked it ourselves, it tasted just how it would if we were to have bought it from a shop! I however chose the Monjayaki for something different as I had not tried it before. Although the flavours were nice, when it came to making it, it turned out to look like a puddle of food mixed together. Not sure if I just didn’t do it properly or not but if I ever went back, I’d definitely stick to the okonomiyaki.

Definitely try this place again, although if you ever go, see if you can get a seat in the main area. The room we were in wasn’t ventilated very well and it started to get real smoky after a while and started to sting my eyes. Apart from that, great place!



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