Month: December 2015


Just giving my Japan posts a little break for now….

After so long, we finally made it to Entrecôte for dinner! We had always wanted to try it but never really got around to it because of the long lines we always see out front.

One nice warm night, we figured we would give it a go. We were seated outside which was quite warm but once the shade was adjusted, it was actually quite nice.

We ordered the typical Steak Frites as we wanted to see what the fuss was about. I ordered mine medium and my partner ordered his medium rare.


This picture was my steak. Although it looks medium on the photo, I think it was a little over done. My partners one looked medium as well. The steak itself is actually quite a tender cut. Although not cooked to my liking, it was still quite tasty and the herb sauce was delicious! And who can say anything bad about the fries! At Entrecôte there is actually unlimited fries so if you want more, you can order more! On this note however, I think the amount of food you get on the plate is more than enough and you also get a side salad with it as well.

We figured, as we had made the effort to come here, we thought we would order dessert. Everyone has a second stomach for dessert! We ordered the Fanancier aux Amandes.


In short, it’s pretty much an almond cake with Raspberry coulis, raspberry sorbet and marscarpone. The cake was lovely and light. The marscarpone was perfect to cut through the tartness of the raspberries and the sorbet was light and delicious.

Overall, I was expecting more from Entrecôte. For a steak place, you would think they would cook the steak as you had asked. Apart from that, I would still try it again to give it another go.

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On our trip back to the station after going to the Studio Ghibli museum, we felt like trying some authentic Japanese curry!

Taking a look online and at Trip Advisor, we came across Mamezo. This cute little restaurant was definitely a find!


I ordered a chicken curry, although I don’t remember what my boyfriend ordered. o.O

P1040456 copy

The servings were quite generous. I loved every bit about it! The sauce, the chicken, the pickles! It was soooo good! My boyfriend was considering ordering another one!

If you happen to go to the Studio Ghibli museum and want to try something different before you head back, definitely try this place! Delicious!

Daiwa Sushi

Tokyo is known for it’s fresh sushi and what better place to have the freshest sushi than at Daiwa Sushi.

For those of you that don’t know, this is one of the popular sushi restaurants situated at the famous Tsukuji Fish market. To be able to get into this restaurant without having to wait hours, is to come very early in the morning. When we showed up, we weren’t sure which one to choose, Daiwa Sushi or Sushi Dai.

We arrived in the area around 4am and there was a massive line outside Sushi Dai already. There were at least 20+ people in line! Daiwa Sushi however, had only 2 people in line. I thought this was strange but seriously, how different can they both be? As we couldn’t be bothered waiting over 2 hours in the Sushi Dai line, we figured we might as well try Daiwa Sushi. At least we would be one of the first ones in!

The restaurant opened at 5:30, half an hr after Sushi Dai. The place seated about 10-12 people at a time. We were seated and straight away given miso soup and the sushi started to be served.


Overall, we were given about 10 pieces of nigiri. All different types of fish.  I think my favourite of them all was the fatty tuna (I think that was the name). It was nice and creamy and so fresh!

I found the raw prawn one to be a bit strange. It was a bit too creamy for my liking and the texture was a bit weird.


Overall, I think this place was well worth it! The service was quick and efficient! The amount of sushi you were given was more than enough for breakfast! Next time I wouldn’t mind trying Sushi Dai but that all depends on if I can be bothered waiting. If you’re like me and just want to eat good, fresh sushi, give Daiwa Sushi a go! It won’t disappoint!



If you love okonomiyaki, this is the place to go!

I’m pretty sure Sakura-Tei is a chain restaurant but the one we went to was in Shibuya. Tucked away by a small road, this place isn’t easy to find.


We were seated in a small room in front of our own hot plate! The place is very tourist friendly with the menu in english and there are also instructions on how to make your own okonomiyaki!


The okonomiyaki was delicious! Even though we cooked it ourselves, it tasted just how it would if we were to have bought it from a shop! I however chose the Monjayaki for something different as I had not tried it before. Although the flavours were nice, when it came to making it, it turned out to look like a puddle of food mixed together. Not sure if I just didn’t do it properly or not but if I ever went back, I’d definitely stick to the okonomiyaki.

Definitely try this place again, although if you ever go, see if you can get a seat in the main area. The room we were in wasn’t ventilated very well and it started to get real smoky after a while and started to sting my eyes. Apart from that, great place!