On a rainy day, all you want is a nice bowl of soup… and noodles! In this case udon noodles!

Came across Metsu-Dan in Shinjuku. A quaint restaurant with practically no one in it! Probably because it was 3pm in the afternoon on a weekday!


You get to choose what kind of udon you want, then you can choose what you want in your noodles.. e.g prawns, fish, vegetables etc. Then you pay. After paying there’s a dispenser (sort of like a water dispenser) that you put your bowl under and hot soup comes out! You can also refill your soup if you want!


I ended up just getting a plain kim chi flavoured udon and my boyfriend added prawns to his.

On a cold rainy day, this is just what we needed to pick us back up and keep going!


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