Being in Japan and all we figured we needed to try some fugu! For those of you that don’t know, fugu is blowfish. Not sure if you’ve all seen that episode from the simpsons where Homer eats fugu and almost dies?!? Yes, that is what we are going to try!

We looked up some places that specialised in fugu and found Torafugu-Tei. We were seated in our own room and given a menu to choose what we wanted. We both chose one of the lunch specials which was kind of like a set. One was with fugu sashimi and the other with fried fugu.


This is the fried fugu set. It came with the fried fugu, miso soup,  pickles and rice with what I think was fugu on top and an egg.

The fried fugu was delicious although it did come with a massive bone inside. The rice on the other hand was a little strange for my liking.  I assume you were supposed to mix it altogether which is what I did but the texture of something that was in the rice put me off. Not sure if it was the egg or the sauce the fugu was in but it had a slimey texture to it. I did eat it though and even tho the texture wasnt to my liking the flavour was still pleasant.


This is the fugu sashimi set. All the same dishes except swap the fried fugu with sashimi. We tried a few pieces each and I’ve got to say.. its actually pretty good.  The texture is a little harder than the usual salmon and tuna but it was still nice! 

If you have never given fugu a go.. give it a try! If you go to a place that specialises in fugu I’m sure you won’t b disappointed!


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