Hoshino coffee

Whilst we were walking around on our first day looking for food we came across Hoshino coffee. It sort of reminded me a bit of a mix between Starbucks and Pancake parlour.

I just ordered a lemon tea since I don’t drnk coffee and we also ordered a cheesecake souffle and some sort of pancake thing that they’re known for.


The souffle tasted like a really airy Japanese cheesecake. Was so good!

The pancake thing (in the pic above) was interesting. It came with a dollop of cream at the top and maple syrup. The flavour tasted like a pancake from Pancake parlour but the texture was a little different. The outside had a crispy texture where as the inside was light and fluffy. Certainly different to pancakes we have back in Melbourne!

If you get the chance, try the pancake. Its a nice change to what we’re used to. Also Hoshino coffee in Shibuya overlooks the crossing so if you’re lucky enough, you can enjoy your coffee and dessert whilst watching one of the busiest crossings!


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