By the sea

This was a bit of a random find. We were looking for a good sashimi place and came across ‘By the sea’ on trip advisor.

The place is a bit random and funky looking and the staff are pretty nice. We were given an english menu with pictures n all! Haha we ended up ordering a sashimi platter, prawns, some sort of crab dish and we ordered dessert too!


This was the sashimi platter. It was presented beautifully and it was surprisingly quite big (and cheap)! The fish was lovely and fresh although there were raw prawns on the dish which i hadn’t tried before. I thought it was strange.. sort of creamy texture that turns a bit pastey in your mouth. Wasnt really to my liking but was good to try!


Next we got the crab dish. It was served in a crab shell with some rice crackers on the side. In the crab shell was crab mixed with onions and some sort of sauce. We ate this with the crackers.. which is what I think was meant to be done. It was delicious.


Now this prawn dish was interesting. The waiter came out to us with a clear bowl with the prawns in it with wine. My boyfriend and I gave each other weird looks as the waiter swished the prawns around the bowl technically killing our meal in front of us.. o.O when he left we were actually worried he was going to just serve us raw prawns that we would need to peel ourselves. Luckily out came lovely cooked prawns with a dipping sauce. I guess in a way, thats the freshest prawns you could possibly get!


We had an amazing meal here and would recommend anyone to try it if you’re in the area! Delicious fresh seafood and very polite service!


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