I know I’ve been MIA recently but thats because my boyfriend and I are in Japan!!

If you’ve ever been to Tokyo before you’ll know how busy it really is! There’s also an abundance of food that needs to be tried!

On the first day we arrived we couldn’t check in yet so we decided to go get some ramen! Onto tripadvisor we went and found a place called Ichiran.

When we found the restaurant we had to go downstairs and you arent greeted with a person.. but more a vending machine. This totally tripped me out. My boyfriend who had been to Japan before explained what I needed to do.


Its pretty simple. All you need to do is put your money into the machine, select what you want and press ‘change’ and out comes a ticket and your change.

Next you walk through and find a seat to sit in.. they’re all individual by the way. There is a piece of paper in front of you to how strong you want your soup, how hard you want your ramen etc. Once done you push a bell button and the waiter will take your ticket and paper.


This is just the basic ramen. If you want anything else you can tick it on the piece of paper.

For a first meal in Tokyo it was pretty good and so very satisfying.

We actually ate this as a first and last meal in Tokyo!

Comparatively to ramen in Melbourne its quite similar which makes me think that Melbourne has it pretty good when it comes to ramen.



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