Month: September 2015

Foddie’s Cafe

After following ‘Foddie’s’ on Facebook, I came to realise that they had a cafe opening in Albert Park that I was dying to try! Being lactose/fructose intolerant, this is the perfect place for me to not worry about what is in my food!

My boyfriend and I went to their VIP opening. The cafe wasn’t fully open as yet but we got to take a seat and find out what their food is like before anyone else!


The menu had enough on it to excite my taste buds! I ordered a mocha with almond milk and my boyfriend ordered a hot chocolate. I then ordered the baked eggs and my boyfriend had the french toast with a side of bacon.


I’d have to say, I had never tried a mocha with almond milk before. I had previously tried almond milk by itself but was never a fan so I was a bit sceptical to say the least. Out came our drinks and my almond milk mocha was lovely! Had a subtle nutty flavour mixed in with the mocha. This could be my new drink!


My baked eggs came out with lactose free cheese and gluten free bread. I’d have to say, having had a few baked eggs in the past, this one was actually one of the best ones I have tried! Although it only came with one egg in the dish, it was delicious! The sauce that the egg was in was lovely and flavoursome and was great to mop it all up with the light gluten free vienna bread!


My boyfriends french toast didn’t really look like what we thought it would look like. It came out with a blueberry compote and mascarpone whipped cream. I think the dish could have done with a bit more whipped cream but all in all, the dish was still nice.

I definitely want to come back here again and try something different. I’ve seen pictures of the hotcakes and they look amazing! Anyone who lactose/fructose/gluten intolerant, this place is for you!
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Kueh Lapis

So my friends and I were having hot pot the other night and someone suggested to bring asian dessert. I figured why not give Kueh Lapis a try! My mum makes it all the time and it doesn’t seem too difficult!

I just used a random recipe I found from google

I didn’t end up using the pandan flavour as I did not have any but it still tasted fine.

Was a bit less sweet than I would have liked and a little bit tougher than my mums but I guess, this was my first go so I’ll try it again another time!

20150828_080151 20150828_080109

ABC Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken, whats not to love!

My friends and I came here the other night as one of them had suggested the carbonara flavoured chicken was a must try! We ordered a few dishes. The seafood pancake, the carbonara chicken and a sweet soy chicken.

The seafood pancake was a bit of a disappointment. It tasted very floury and I barely found any seafood in there.


Then out came the chicken! Let me say, the portions were quite big and as there was only 3 of us, we couldn’t finish it all!


The carbonara chicken was different. The chicken was a little bit spicy and tasted like hot and spicy from kfc! The sauce tasted like a carbonara sauce but I expected it to be a bit thicker. It was quite runny and didn’t stick to the chicken as well as I would have thought.


The sweet soy chicken was nice but I found the sauce to be quite sweet for my liking.


Overall, the chicken was nice but I think they needed more vegetables on the menu to counteract how much fried food you’re eating. I walked away feeling very full and extremely unhealthy but I mean, it tasted nice so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.
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