I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for a while and as my vegetarian friend’s birthday was coming up, I figured this was the perfect opportunity!

The interior of this place is amazing! I love the high ceilings and how the place is sectioned off. It’s not too loud either which was really good. We had a good look at the menu and had no idea what to choose haha


My friend wanted to try an elixir so we thought we’d give it a go. We ordered a different one each so we could have a little taste of each one. I’d have to say, one of them tasted better than the other. I can’t remember which was better but one was too spicy and strong where as the other one was quite a nice starter.

Then came the food! We ordered the tofu skewers, the oyster mushrooms, gnocchi and also an eggplant dish (didn’t take a photo of this one).


I’m not a massive fan of tofu usually but the skewers had the right amount of flavour to them to make them taste not so ‘tofu-ey’ which is what I liked!


The oyster mushrooms were amazing! Nicely cooked and what ever sauce it came with went so well with the mushrooms! Loved it!


The gnocchi was probably my favourite dish of the night! There were a few pieces of gnocchi which came with a blueberry sauce and a pumpkin mousse. Everything on this dish worked! And as weird as it sounds, I thought it tasted a little like scones even though it was supposed to be a savoury dish. I didn’t really care though as it was that good!

The last dish we got was the eggplant. The Za’atar on it was a bit much personally but I think having the goats cheese as well made it a lot better.

Even though I’m not a vegetarian myself, this place is actually really nice. The service is really good and considering we had a few dishes to share it wasn’t that expensive either. I would definitely come back again, with or without a vegetarian counterpart!

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