Menya Sandaime

When I saw this restaurant on broadsheet, I told myself I need to try this place, 24/7 Ramen! We woke up a little hungover one cold Sunday morning and I thought, what better way to cure our starvation and hangover!

I thought there might be a wait since this place was newly open but lucky enough for us, no line! Got a seat straight away! The restaurant is small and doesn’t fit a lot of people so if you can come at an odd hour where there aren’t many people would be perfect!


I wasn’t sure what ramen to choose as there were a few different types but I ended up settling for the basic Menya Sandaime and my boyfriend ordered the Tsukemen Ramen. We also ordered a side of gyoza.


The gyoza came out looking like typical gyoza but surprisingly tasted different to other gyoza’s I have tasted. It actually tasted better which was good!


Next my ramen! From what I saw from other people’s dishes, the bowls looked huge! But when mine came out I realised it wasn’t as big as I thought but that was fine with me. I loved the flavour of the broth and I really liked the way the pork belly was cooked. Different to other places where they have the chasyu. This pork belly had a nice grilled flavour to it which made the dish different to other ramens I have tried.


My boyfriends Tsukemen Ramen was huge! Although he did end up ordering extra noodles. I still am confused with the concept of noodles in one bowl and broth in another but it seemed to work. The broth had a nice seafood-y flavour to it which wasn’t too overpowering.

I actually really like this place. I don’t know how long I would wait if I had to but I would definitely come back again to try one of the other ramens!

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