Woody P

My friends and I came here the other night. We had heard of this place previously and thought it sounded decent.

The decor was really nice. I loved the little lights that were hanging around the place! The service was friendly and prompt. Then came the menu. As we didn’t really know what to expect from the food we thought we would give a few things to try and share.

We started off with the Seared tuna and Cod croquettes. The Tuna was crusted with a peppery sort of crust which we all found wayyyy too peppery! Something more subtle could have been better as all we could taste was pepper which wasn’t very nice. The Cod Croquettes were good but I guess there was nothing to really rave on about.

tuna    croquettes

For mains we thought we would try the Roast potato tortellini and we also ordered a Margherita and the San Daniele pizza. The tortellini was a bit of a let down. As a main dish we found it tiny. There were 3 tortellini’s on the dish. I’m not sure about people reading this but 3 tortellini’s is not a main meal. The taste was ok but for some strange reason, I thought it tasted a bit like a dim sim o.O


The pizzas were quite nice in flavour but the base of the pizzas were a bit thick for my liking. (Don’t have a picture of the San Daniele pizza)


Overall, I’m not sure if I would come back. Maybe if someone else wanted to come here but in regards to the food, it was very average.

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