Chow City


I found a new restaurant online that seemed interesting so my friends and I thought we’d give it a go. We easily booked a table for a Friday night after work. We didn’t really know what to expect as there weren’t many reviews in regards to this place.


We all ordered a cocktail when we arrived. I don’t remember the name of the one I had, all i know is it had some sort of tea in it and I actually really liked it! It was nice, light and refreshing!

Onto the food! We ordered the betal leaf and the satay skewers to share and for main we had the duck curry and the crispy pork gailan.

The satays were nice, nothing to rave on about. I’ve had better but they were ok. The betal leaf was average I thought. I usually don’t mind betal leaf entrees but this one was a bit so so as well.


Onto the mains. I’d have to say, the duck curry was actually really nice. I liked the flavours of the curry but the only issue I had was they served the duck complete with bones and all. I usually don’t mind when duck is on the bone but in this instance, as it was in a curry, I think I would’ve preferred it either shredded or in pieces. Would have been a lot easier to eat. None the less, I still enjoyed it.

The crispy pork gailan was another story. The curry came out before the pork which is fine, but we had already gotten through almost 2/3 of the curry and still no pork so we asked one of the waitresses to follow up on it for us. After maybe 5 minutes, she came up to us and said ‘you didn’t receive your pork?’ which we of course replied no. I don’t see why we would follow up if we had received it. She went back to ask the kitchen. After a while still nothing so we asked another lady (which I think was the manager of the place). She seemed very apologetic and said our dish would be out very soon. Still no dish after about 5 minutes (although the lady was looking over and seeing if we had received it). After probably about 20-25 minutes of receiving our curry the pork finally comes out. The dish was nice, a little bit salty but it was good. It would’ve just been nice if it came out 20 minutes earlier.

Overall, this place is ok. I think it was quite new when we went so I can understand a few mishaps here and there. The staff were nice about it all which was good. I would maybe go back again but in a few months when they’ve found their feet.

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