Month: August 2015

Menya Sandaime

When I saw this restaurant on broadsheet, I told myself I need to try this place, 24/7 Ramen! We woke up a little hungover one cold Sunday morning and I thought, what better way to cure our starvation and hangover!

I thought there might be a wait since this place was newly open but lucky enough for us, no line! Got a seat straight away! The restaurant is small and doesn’t fit a lot of people so if you can come at an odd hour where there aren’t many people would be perfect!


I wasn’t sure what ramen to choose as there were a few different types but I ended up settling for the basic Menya Sandaime and my boyfriend ordered the Tsukemen Ramen. We also ordered a side of gyoza.


The gyoza came out looking like typical gyoza but surprisingly tasted different to other gyoza’s I have tasted. It actually tasted better which was good!


Next my ramen! From what I saw from other people’s dishes, the bowls looked huge! But when mine came out I realised it wasn’t as big as I thought but that was fine with me. I loved the flavour of the broth and I really liked the way the pork belly was cooked. Different to other places where they have the chasyu. This pork belly had a nice grilled flavour to it which made the dish different to other ramens I have tried.


My boyfriends Tsukemen Ramen was huge! Although he did end up ordering extra noodles. I still am confused with the concept of noodles in one bowl and broth in another but it seemed to work. The broth had a nice seafood-y flavour to it which wasn’t too overpowering.

I actually really like this place. I don’t know how long I would wait if I had to but I would definitely come back again to try one of the other ramens!

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I’ve been wanting to try this restaurant for a while and as my vegetarian friend’s birthday was coming up, I figured this was the perfect opportunity!

The interior of this place is amazing! I love the high ceilings and how the place is sectioned off. It’s not too loud either which was really good. We had a good look at the menu and had no idea what to choose haha


My friend wanted to try an elixir so we thought we’d give it a go. We ordered a different one each so we could have a little taste of each one. I’d have to say, one of them tasted better than the other. I can’t remember which was better but one was too spicy and strong where as the other one was quite a nice starter.

Then came the food! We ordered the tofu skewers, the oyster mushrooms, gnocchi and also an eggplant dish (didn’t take a photo of this one).


I’m not a massive fan of tofu usually but the skewers had the right amount of flavour to them to make them taste not so ‘tofu-ey’ which is what I liked!


The oyster mushrooms were amazing! Nicely cooked and what ever sauce it came with went so well with the mushrooms! Loved it!


The gnocchi was probably my favourite dish of the night! There were a few pieces of gnocchi which came with a blueberry sauce and a pumpkin mousse. Everything on this dish worked! And as weird as it sounds, I thought it tasted a little like scones even though it was supposed to be a savoury dish. I didn’t really care though as it was that good!

The last dish we got was the eggplant. The Za’atar on it was a bit much personally but I think having the goats cheese as well made it a lot better.

Even though I’m not a vegetarian myself, this place is actually really nice. The service is really good and considering we had a few dishes to share it wasn’t that expensive either. I would definitely come back again, with or without a vegetarian counterpart!

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Woody P

My friends and I came here the other night. We had heard of this place previously and thought it sounded decent.

The decor was really nice. I loved the little lights that were hanging around the place! The service was friendly and prompt. Then came the menu. As we didn’t really know what to expect from the food we thought we would give a few things to try and share.

We started off with the Seared tuna and Cod croquettes. The Tuna was crusted with a peppery sort of crust which we all found wayyyy too peppery! Something more subtle could have been better as all we could taste was pepper which wasn’t very nice. The Cod Croquettes were good but I guess there was nothing to really rave on about.

tuna    croquettes

For mains we thought we would try the Roast potato tortellini and we also ordered a Margherita and the San Daniele pizza. The tortellini was a bit of a let down. As a main dish we found it tiny. There were 3 tortellini’s on the dish. I’m not sure about people reading this but 3 tortellini’s is not a main meal. The taste was ok but for some strange reason, I thought it tasted a bit like a dim sim o.O


The pizzas were quite nice in flavour but the base of the pizzas were a bit thick for my liking. (Don’t have a picture of the San Daniele pizza)


Overall, I’m not sure if I would come back. Maybe if someone else wanted to come here but in regards to the food, it was very average.

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Monte Carlos

When I saw Georgia make these on Masterchef, I figured they didn’t look too hard so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I cheated a little and just used store bought jam but they still turned out! I made them a little bit big but still a monte carlo none the less.

Here’s the link to the recipe!


Chow City


I found a new restaurant online that seemed interesting so my friends and I thought we’d give it a go. We easily booked a table for a Friday night after work. We didn’t really know what to expect as there weren’t many reviews in regards to this place.


We all ordered a cocktail when we arrived. I don’t remember the name of the one I had, all i know is it had some sort of tea in it and I actually really liked it! It was nice, light and refreshing!

Onto the food! We ordered the betal leaf and the satay skewers to share and for main we had the duck curry and the crispy pork gailan.

The satays were nice, nothing to rave on about. I’ve had better but they were ok. The betal leaf was average I thought. I usually don’t mind betal leaf entrees but this one was a bit so so as well.


Onto the mains. I’d have to say, the duck curry was actually really nice. I liked the flavours of the curry but the only issue I had was they served the duck complete with bones and all. I usually don’t mind when duck is on the bone but in this instance, as it was in a curry, I think I would’ve preferred it either shredded or in pieces. Would have been a lot easier to eat. None the less, I still enjoyed it.

The crispy pork gailan was another story. The curry came out before the pork which is fine, but we had already gotten through almost 2/3 of the curry and still no pork so we asked one of the waitresses to follow up on it for us. After maybe 5 minutes, she came up to us and said ‘you didn’t receive your pork?’ which we of course replied no. I don’t see why we would follow up if we had received it. She went back to ask the kitchen. After a while still nothing so we asked another lady (which I think was the manager of the place). She seemed very apologetic and said our dish would be out very soon. Still no dish after about 5 minutes (although the lady was looking over and seeing if we had received it). After probably about 20-25 minutes of receiving our curry the pork finally comes out. The dish was nice, a little bit salty but it was good. It would’ve just been nice if it came out 20 minutes earlier.

Overall, this place is ok. I think it was quite new when we went so I can understand a few mishaps here and there. The staff were nice about it all which was good. I would maybe go back again but in a few months when they’ve found their feet.

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