Month: July 2015

Denis The Menace

So my boyfriend and I decided to try this place a few weeks ago after we had seen it in a few papers and online. It looked like a funky new cafe so why not.


We were told that the wait would be about 15 minutes but ended up being seated after about half an hour. I usually don’t care but in this instance, when we walked in, there were clearly a few tables free but groups of people still standing outside so it’s a little bit annoying. I figured I’d brush that off because we were seated and we could then look at the menu and order. What was a little frustrating was, no one came to take our drink order for at least 10 minutes and it was hard to catch the eye of one of the staff whilst walking past. When we finally ordered, my boyfriend got the ‘Watashi wa Denis’ and I got the ‘Something Fishy’ dish as I had seen other people order it and it looked lovely.

Our food came out after about 15 minutes but our drinks were nowhere to be seen. When I asked the waitress she said they had a backlog. I’m not sure about everyone else, but at every other cafe, the drinks come before the food majority of the time and if not, they come out a few minutes later. Our drinks ended up coming out maybe 10 minutes after we received our meals. I personally like to drink my coffee before I eat so this was a little annoying for me. However, none the less, we had our food and were ready to tuck in.

My boyfriends meal looked lovely and simple but when he tried it, he said it was bland and boring. The dish was supposed to have spanner crab in it. He said there were probably 3 small pieces and that was it, so technically all he was eating was an omelette.


My dish looked amazing but when I tried it, it was a let down. I felt like it needed more flavour. The most tasty thing on the dish was the fried kale, which I believe is quite disappointing since it’s almost like saying ‘the lettuce on the dish was the best thing’. The smoked trout was nothing to rave on about and there was barely any on the plate either.


Whilst we were eating we did happen to observe other people in the cafe and from what we could see, service was polite but very slow. People who had been seated for ages ordered after 20 minutes. To me, that’s a ridiculous time to wait.

This place is nice to look at but that’s where it ends. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re trying to find their feet but I don’t know if I would go back anytime soon.

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