Month: February 2015


Sorry to say but I have been very lazy with posting up new places to try! When xmas came around things got quite busy!

Miyako is a Japanese restaurant situated in Southgate area. It has an area where you can sit down and order your usual sushi/sashimi or there is another area where you can experience the fun of tepanyaki!

I have been to this restaurant twice. Once a long time ago for a friends birthday and we had tepanyaki. This post however, will not be covering that aspect of this restaurant as the most recent time I went we did not have this.

My friend had purchased a voucher online for Miyako which consisted of a set menu. To be honest, I don’t remember what the voucher allowed us to order. All I know is, we had a sushi/sashimi platter, beef tataki, miso soup, yaki soba and gyoza (could have been something else but I forgot 😦 )

The dishes were all well made and presented! I especially liked the presentation of the sushi/sashimi platter. The fish was very fresh and perfectly sliced!

I would definitely recommend this place as a nice ‘date night’ restaurant, or if you’re in the area, a lovely Japanese restaurant with quality food. Give the tepanyaki a try if you have a group of people as well. It’s always a bit of fun! 🙂

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