Month: December 2014

Darac Grill & Bar

So my partner and I decided on Korean one night and I recall my sister mentioning a place called Darac Grill & Bar on A’Beckett St. We figured we would give it a go and see what all the fuss was about.

We got a seat straight away (pretty good considering it was pretty busy and full). As this was a different sort of Korean restaurant we didn’t really know what to order. People beside us seemed to be ordering a dish which we thought was a bit strange.. It contained the likes of, 2 minute noodles, spam, kim chi, what looked like kraft singles cheese and a few other bits and pieces. We had a look at the menu and figured out that this was Darac’s famous ‘Army Stew’. We were a bit apprehensive with this so we didn’t end up ordering it. In the end we ordered a few yakitori skewers, a kim chi stew and a chicken dish with cheese on top.

I’d have to say, the yakitori was a bit average. We had one that contained prawns and I found it very ‘fishy’. Plus the prawn still had the whole shell on it so it was hard to eat. The stew was nice but we have had better at other Korean places. Last but not least, the chicken with cheese. This was actually quite nice. I don’t know what it is about chicken and cheese, they just seem to go.

Overall this place seems alright. I’d come back to try the Army stew to see what all the fuss is about though!


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