Month: November 2014

Fijian Food

So way back during Easter time, my partner and I decided to take a quick holiday to Fiji. As I got the Tuesday off after Easter Monday we thought, why not? It’s close enough that the flight isn’t too long and it was cheap enough to not break the bank!

We absolutely loved every second we were there! Beautiful weather, amazingly friendly people and lovely atmosphere!

I took a few snap shots from the trip! Loved the blue waters and skies!

20140419_083628 20140419_173927

Now onto the food! We tried a few different things whilst we were there. Most of it wasn’t really Fijian as such. First night we had steak haha but that’s only because we were starving and thats the first place in our hotel we could find! And the last night we were there we had a beautiful seafood platter sitting on the waters edge!

Enough about the ‘normal’ food you can find anywhere. This post was supposed to be about Fijian food!

I looked up on Trip advisor as to where we could find Fijian Food on Denarau Island. There was only one restaurant that does this. It was called Nadina. Tucked away on the waters edge at the Wharf we finally found this place. It was a quiet night and we were seated right on the edge next to the water. It was already dark by that time but it was nice and peaceful none the less.

We were served by a lovely lady named Aggie. I think from previous comments made on the Trip advisor page, she was the one everyone was raving on about. She was a lovely lady though and I think she had a thing for my partner! haha Took a photo with him but not with me! Anyway… on to the food…

For starters we ordered what I think was some pork ribs and this dish, I can’t remember the name of it but it was almost like a ceviche styled fish in a coconut-y soup.


The ribs were nice and tender and we loved the sauce! The meat fell off the bone. Delicious!20140419_184114_LLS

This ceviche styled dish was something different but we actually really liked it! It was nice and very fresh!

Onto the mains now! We thought we would give a typical Fijian styled dish a go. It was pork lovo… Lovo meaning it was cooked in the earth.


This dish looked just like what we thought it might, roast pork almost. But when we ate it, it was not what we were expecting. The texture of the meat was nice, I think the only thing I didn’t like it was the smokey taste to it.. Although in saying that, I think that’s supposed to be what it tastes like.. It was ok but not amazing.


We also thought we would try a duck styled curry. I actually really liked the flavours that went into this. It was what a curry should taste like. Only issue with this was, there were SO MANY bones!!!! Even when I eat asian styled roast duck I get annoyed because of the bones, this was worse because it was all in little pieces! But, I did like the dish aside from that 🙂

Overall, my take on my first try of Fijian food, it’s not bad. I mean I would like to try something like that again but maybe at a different place.

It didn’t spoil my take on Fiji though. Absolutely beautiful!!