Month: October 2014

Saigon Sally

Saigon Sally… what can I say, I really like this place! I came here one day with one of my friends for dinner. We didn’t really know what to expect because it was a very last minute booking but we scored a seat around 6pm.

We knew Saigon Sally was a fusion type Vietnamese restaurant but didn’t really know what to order. We ended up ordering the Fried chicken ribs, the Banh Xeo Taco, The Saigon Chilli Crab and the Eggplant XO (we needed a recommendation from the waitress and she picked this).


The Fried Chicken Ribs actually didn’t come with a lot of ribs. But fair enough, it was considered a ‘small dish’ anyways so that was fine. You really can’t go wrong with Fried Chicken!


The Banh Xeo Taco was a little bit different. It was a little hard to eat as it wasn’t a regular taco that we were used to. It was however delicious and fresh! Really liked the dish!


The Chilli Crab was next on our list. I loved this dish! The soft shell crab was nice and crunchy and the salad that came with it was fresh and lovely.


Last but not least was the Eggplant dish. The eggplant was a tempura style. The batter was nice and light and crunchy just like what tempura should be like.

Overall I really liked this place. It was nothing like what we expected, but then again, we weren’t really expecting much at all considering we didn’t really know much about this place. I am yet to go back but I keep mentioning to my partner that he needs to go and try it so no doubt we’ll be back sooner rather than later!

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