Plenty of Windsor

On a cold rainy Melbourne morning, we went to brunch as we do, and ended up at this quaint little cafe called Plenty of Windsor. Located on the busy Chapel St (but down the quieter end) this little cafe was filled with people getting out of the cold to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

The menu wasn’t very substantial and to be honest, I don’t exactly remember what our dishes were called. All I know is, they were AMAZING!

I ended up ordering a dish that had some sourdough bread, topped with porcini mushrooms (I think that was the type of mushroom) parmesan and I’m pretty sure I ordered a side of chorizo as well. I’ll tell you now, I wasn’t expecting this dish to be awesome.. I mean mushrooms with a bit of cheese on toast and chorizo, can’t be that great right? Well I was proved wrong! It was one of the most delicious things I’ve had for brunch in a long time! Everything went so well together and it was all perfectly cooked! Definitely a recommended dish!


My partner wasn’t too sold on the menu and how it had so little to offer so he ended up ordering the Chicken Kiev. When it came out, he didn’t look too impressed as he was hungry and this dish was literally 3 pieces of small chicken legs with some potatoes underneath. When he tried it though, haha was he surprised. He loved the dish! The chicken was perfectly nice and moist and the potatoes were a nice compliment to the dish. Even though he was hungry by the time he finished the dish, he was nicely satisfied which was good.


I haven’t been back to this place since, which is a bit of a disappointment but I have already recommended it to friends andI’m hoping when they try it they’ll love it as much as I do. Will definitely be back for sure!

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