M&M cake

So about 10 weeks ago, my ex work colleague had a baby and I had yet to see him. I had planned an afternoon at her place for some cuddles with her little boy and also for some afternoon tea which I said I would provide.

My colleague, being her straight up self mentioned that I needed to make something, not buy it! I was so busy in the week leading up to this I had no clue what to make! I needed something that was quick and easy to put together but that I could maybe make the night before or earlier somehow. I thought of the kitkat cake that I had previously made for my sister so I thought I would make a different version of that… an M&M’s cake!!!


I made it the simple way. Whipped up some packet cake mix, mixed up some cream with cocoa powder and put it altogether! Oh and I also added some strawberries in between it as well! Divine! Then came the decorating with all the M&M’s!!! So cute at the end! They loved it!


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