Month: August 2014

Mixed Business

Wow I’ve been super lazy at posting… Sorry about that! Been quite busy with the new addition to the family plus we’ve been selling/buying stuff for our apartment so its been hectic!

We have recently discovered a new place located in Clifton Hill! Bit of a random spot as there is absolutely no signage on the front of the cafe but you can tell its the one with all the hustle and bustle around that one shop!


We had to wait about 5-10 minutes which was fine because in the end we were seated on a bench near the back of the cafe.. and plus it was cold that morning so a short wait was good! Lucky we got in when we did as there were lines of people out the door not long later!



We ordered our usual drinks, me the soy mocha and my partner, some fruity smoothie type thing. Then came brunch!


My partner ordered the free range poached eggs with with grilled pancetta, slow roast tomato + parmesan (he also added pork belly onto that as well!) and I had the organic sourdough toast with with avocado + house marinated feta (I added smoked salmon to mine ;))


I tried a bit of my partners pork belly! It was actually really nicely cooked. Nice and soft and not over cooked! My dish was lovely although I think I like it better when they mash the avocado up… I’m a bit picky.. I know I can just do that myself but it would be nice if they did it for you 😉

All in all, I was actually surprised with this cafe and how good the service and the food was. Would definitely come back and try something else but in saying that, it is a bit out of the way so maybe sometime in the future 🙂

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