Truman Cafe

So I know I’ve been a little lazy in posting but I’ve been quite busy. We got a new dog! 🙂  But apart from that, I thought I’d post up some photos of brunch at Truman Cafe which is located in Albert Park.

We arrived on a cold, miserable morning. The cafe was nice and small and since we arrived at ‘peak’ time, we had to wait about 10-15 minutes. Eventually when we were seated we had to sit outside. I ordered my usual soy mocha and my parter ordered a juice (I think it was the Brooke Sheilds juice). It was really tasty!


We then ordered our meals. I thought I’d try the Chipotle Baked Beans. Out came the dish. Two pieces of toast covered with beans, feta and spinach. The dish was lovely although was quite a bit serving! I shouldn’t complain though!


My parter ordered the Truman Brekkie (with extra bacon of course 😉 ) It was massive but he finished it though. I tried a bit of it, the hash brown was really tasty!


I’d have to say I’d like to come back again and try some other dishes and also the juices! They look delicious!

Truman Cafe on Urbanspoon


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