Pricilla Jones Cafe

I stumbled upon this place when I was looking up a place to go for brunch one morning. We wanted somewhere close to us but somewhere we hadn’t been before. Pricilla Jones Cafe came up on my searches so we thought why not!

This cute little cafe felt lovely and cosy when you walk in. It was a cold day that day but the sun was shining through (straight onto my face I might add :S) but it was nice and toasty. There wasn’t too much that tickled our fancy on the  menu so I ordered the Croque Monsieur and my partner ordered the Pricilla’s poached eggs.


My Croque Monsieur arrived and to my surprise it didn’t really look like what I expected. I actually don’t really know what I was expecting but it was quite average. It was just white bread with cheese on top and a bit of ham on the inside. I expected there to be a fair bit of béchamel sauce in between but none that I actually saw of. If anything there was a tiny bit inside. Bit of a disappointment.


 My partners dish looked lovely. I only tried a little bit of it but I’d have to say the sausages were the highlight of the dish. Looked a bit strange but tasted delicious.

All in all the place is cute but brunch wise, I think there are plenty more nicer places around the area to try.

Priscilla Jones on Urbanspoon


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