Lamb Kebabs


Mmmmm who doesn’t love a lamb kebab?! So tasty and delicious, this is one of our ‘go to’ dishes for dinner at the moment. I’ve been trying to eat somewhat healthy over the last few weeks and I suppose this picture could be healthier in some ways but its better than something deep fried right?

The way we like to make this is…

– 1x lamb backstrap (we find this is a perfect size to be cut down into smaller chunks. We find the diced lamb at the market to be quite tough)
– Haloumi cheese
– Onion
– Cherry tomatoes
– Rice
– Greek Yoghurt
– Wooden skewers

  • Place skewers into a bit of water for about 20 minutes
  • Dice up the lamb into bite sized chunks
  • Marinate it using Jamie Olivers recipe –
  • Cut up some haloumi and onions into chunks
  • Once everything is set to go, skewer the lamb, onion, tomatoes and haloumi
  • Place it on the bbq at a medium heat and turn every now and then
  • Remove once the lamb is done (about 10 minutes)
  • Serve with a dollop of greek yoghurt and some rice

Even though I mentioned in the recipe that I placed all of the ingredients on the skewers (like in the picture), we’ve actually found a better way to do this. If you are eating the skewers individually maybe just leave it how it is. If you are eating it with rice, to get the perfect cooking time of all the ingredients, we skewered all the lamb on one skewer, tomatoes on another, haloumi on another and then the onions just on the bbq. At least if you do it this way, you know everything will be cooked to how you like it.. no undercooked onion/haloumi.


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