Zinc (Federation Square)

So I thought I would share a snippet from a wedding that I had recently been to. The reception was located at Zinc in Federation Square. I absolutely adored the way everything was decorated, especially the bridal table with the beautiful orchids! The cake was classy with a touch of cuteness with the two figurines topping the cake.

20140329_190328 20140329_190355 20140329_190510

The food was actually catered by Zinc. Usually for an asian wedding you would expect a 10 course banquet but this was very different.

For entree there were four mini servings of seafood on the plate. They were all cooked perfectly, except the calamari. I think mine was a little over done but never the less, a simple but tasty entree.


Following this was the main. There were two dishes that were alternating. One was the beef and the other a duck. My partner happened to get the beef and I the duck. I tried a bit of his and the beef was a little bit dry. The rest of it was nice though. My duck however, I did not want to share! haha.. although I did give my partner a little bit, I’d have to say the duck it was cooked perfectly. Surprising that it was as well as they were catering for over 150 guests!

20140329_202240       20140329_202244

Last but not least was the dessert. I have no idea why we got so many desserts per person. At one point, one waiter came out with a tray of mini creme brûlées, another with chocolate mousse, another with a panna cotta style dessert and another with the wedding cake! This was all per person as well! Strange but I can’t complain. I demolished it all!


It was a beautiful night and we had a ball! The venue was spectacular and the food lived up to the hype! Definitely a good night had for all!



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