Yellow Bird Cafe


This funky looking cafe is situated on the infamous Chapel St in Windsor. This place is not the typical cafe that I was searching for, but as I went on Urbanspoon to find something different, this popped up with a pretty good rating so my partner and I thought we’d give it a go!

The interior reminds me more of a bar than a cafe, with little booths on the side and a strange design, I felt like I wasn’t to expect too much from this place. I was however proven wrong.

My partner ordered the Maple waffles and I ordered the Death Benedict.


The Death Benedict came out and was not what I thought it would look like. Containing 3 hash browns, topped with bacon, two poached eggs and a hollandaise sauce, I thought it would look more threatening (and fattening) than that! In saying that though, I thought the dish was lovely! Although there were barely any greens on the plate, I can never pass up hash browns and bacon! As unhealthy as it sounds, I’m sure I’ve had a lot worse for brunch so this was actually quite nice!


I only got to try a little bit of my partners Maple Waffles but my were they delicious! The waffles were nice and crunchy and everything on the plate seemed to gel so well together! Perfect sweet treat for brunch.

Yellow Bird Cafe on Urbanspoon


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