Sapa Hills II


This used to be one of my ‘go to’ places for lunch at my previous work. I’ve been back a few times since I have left my previous job and it has always been the same! As awesome as I remember it to be.

Sapa Hills II is a nice, clean Vietnamese restaurant situated in Glenferrie. I have tried a few different dishes here. The spring rolls, rice paper rolls, the rice vermicelli dishes and some of the soup dishes as well.

Here in this picture is the Rice Vermicelli with Hanoi style Grilled Pork. I’ve only tried this dish twice here but the first time I gave it a go, OMG it was so good! The flavour in the pork and the sauce is magical! Mixing that with the vermicelli noodles and the greens is a perfect combination! Definitely worth a try!

I have to say I am sad that I don’t get to go to this place more often now but when I do, nothing has changed and I love it!

Sapa Hills II on Urbanspoon


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