Japanese Curry

If you love Japanese Curry, you have come to the right place! This is one of my ‘quick dinners’ I love to cook up! It’s really fast and super easy to make.

You should be able to find this sauce mix in the Asian isle of your supermarket. We always just get the mild one. It costs around $3 from memory so it’s pretty cheap.


Technically you can pretty much put whatever you want into this. Personally I like to make it simple. I add some onion, carrots, potato and chicken. All the instructions are on the packet but the way it is done is pretty much, brown the onion and chicken. Add the potatoes and carrots and top it all up with water. Let that simmer away for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes and carrots are almost done. Break up the sauce and mix it in. Once the sauce thickens up and the vegetables are cooked, you’re done!

Serve with some rice and voila! Perfect, delicious dinner! I like to make it up in a big batch and have left overs as lunch for work the next day. Also, this may make it a little healthier… I have tried this with brown rice and quinoa as well and they have both been just as good as it was with white rice! Enjoy!



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