Month: June 2014

Lamb Kebabs


Mmmmm who doesn’t love a lamb kebab?! So tasty and delicious, this is one of our ‘go to’ dishes for dinner at the moment. I’ve been trying to eat somewhat healthy over the last few weeks and I suppose this picture could be healthier in some ways but its better than something deep fried right?

The way we like to make this is…

– 1x lamb backstrap (we find this is a perfect size to be cut down into smaller chunks. We find the diced lamb at the market to be quite tough)
– Haloumi cheese
– Onion
– Cherry tomatoes
– Rice
– Greek Yoghurt
– Wooden skewers

  • Place skewers into a bit of water for about 20 minutes
  • Dice up the lamb into bite sized chunks
  • Marinate it using Jamie Olivers recipe –
  • Cut up some haloumi and onions into chunks
  • Once everything is set to go, skewer the lamb, onion, tomatoes and haloumi
  • Place it on the bbq at a medium heat and turn every now and then
  • Remove once the lamb is done (about 10 minutes)
  • Serve with a dollop of greek yoghurt and some rice

Even though I mentioned in the recipe that I placed all of the ingredients on the skewers (like in the picture), we’ve actually found a better way to do this. If you are eating the skewers individually maybe just leave it how it is. If you are eating it with rice, to get the perfect cooking time of all the ingredients, we skewered all the lamb on one skewer, tomatoes on another, haloumi on another and then the onions just on the bbq. At least if you do it this way, you know everything will be cooked to how you like it.. no undercooked onion/haloumi.


Zinc (Federation Square)

So I thought I would share a snippet from a wedding that I had recently been to. The reception was located at Zinc in Federation Square. I absolutely adored the way everything was decorated, especially the bridal table with the beautiful orchids! The cake was classy with a touch of cuteness with the two figurines topping the cake.

20140329_190328 20140329_190355 20140329_190510

The food was actually catered by Zinc. Usually for an asian wedding you would expect a 10 course banquet but this was very different.

For entree there were four mini servings of seafood on the plate. They were all cooked perfectly, except the calamari. I think mine was a little over done but never the less, a simple but tasty entree.


Following this was the main. There were two dishes that were alternating. One was the beef and the other a duck. My partner happened to get the beef and I the duck. I tried a bit of his and the beef was a little bit dry. The rest of it was nice though. My duck however, I did not want to share! haha.. although I did give my partner a little bit, I’d have to say the duck it was cooked perfectly. Surprising that it was as well as they were catering for over 150 guests!

20140329_202240       20140329_202244

Last but not least was the dessert. I have no idea why we got so many desserts per person. At one point, one waiter came out with a tray of mini creme brûlées, another with chocolate mousse, another with a panna cotta style dessert and another with the wedding cake! This was all per person as well! Strange but I can’t complain. I demolished it all!


It was a beautiful night and we had a ball! The venue was spectacular and the food lived up to the hype! Definitely a good night had for all!


Japanese Curry

If you love Japanese Curry, you have come to the right place! This is one of my ‘quick dinners’ I love to cook up! It’s really fast and super easy to make.

You should be able to find this sauce mix in the Asian isle of your supermarket. We always just get the mild one. It costs around $3 from memory so it’s pretty cheap.


Technically you can pretty much put whatever you want into this. Personally I like to make it simple. I add some onion, carrots, potato and chicken. All the instructions are on the packet but the way it is done is pretty much, brown the onion and chicken. Add the potatoes and carrots and top it all up with water. Let that simmer away for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes and carrots are almost done. Break up the sauce and mix it in. Once the sauce thickens up and the vegetables are cooked, you’re done!

Serve with some rice and voila! Perfect, delicious dinner! I like to make it up in a big batch and have left overs as lunch for work the next day. Also, this may make it a little healthier… I have tried this with brown rice and quinoa as well and they have both been just as good as it was with white rice! Enjoy!


Sapa Hills II


This used to be one of my ‘go to’ places for lunch at my previous work. I’ve been back a few times since I have left my previous job and it has always been the same! As awesome as I remember it to be.

Sapa Hills II is a nice, clean Vietnamese restaurant situated in Glenferrie. I have tried a few different dishes here. The spring rolls, rice paper rolls, the rice vermicelli dishes and some of the soup dishes as well.

Here in this picture is the Rice Vermicelli with Hanoi style Grilled Pork. I’ve only tried this dish twice here but the first time I gave it a go, OMG it was so good! The flavour in the pork and the sauce is magical! Mixing that with the vermicelli noodles and the greens is a perfect combination! Definitely worth a try!

I have to say I am sad that I don’t get to go to this place more often now but when I do, nothing has changed and I love it!

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Yellow Bird Cafe


This funky looking cafe is situated on the infamous Chapel St in Windsor. This place is not the typical cafe that I was searching for, but as I went on Urbanspoon to find something different, this popped up with a pretty good rating so my partner and I thought we’d give it a go!

The interior reminds me more of a bar than a cafe, with little booths on the side and a strange design, I felt like I wasn’t to expect too much from this place. I was however proven wrong.

My partner ordered the Maple waffles and I ordered the Death Benedict.


The Death Benedict came out and was not what I thought it would look like. Containing 3 hash browns, topped with bacon, two poached eggs and a hollandaise sauce, I thought it would look more threatening (and fattening) than that! In saying that though, I thought the dish was lovely! Although there were barely any greens on the plate, I can never pass up hash browns and bacon! As unhealthy as it sounds, I’m sure I’ve had a lot worse for brunch so this was actually quite nice!


I only got to try a little bit of my partners Maple Waffles but my were they delicious! The waffles were nice and crunchy and everything on the plate seemed to gel so well together! Perfect sweet treat for brunch.

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