Naked For Satan


This restaurant/bar is a great place to catch up with a friend for a drink and some nibblys. Located on busy Brunswick St, I came here a while ago with a friend to try it out and see what all the fuss was about. This place doesn’t have food that you would find in any bar/restaurant. They have pintxos! If you are unsure what a pintxos is, its a small snack that is usually found in bars in Northern Spain. I just think of it as food on toothpicks 🙂 One reason why we were curious about this place was because of the cheap pintxos. $2 for one! Now that’s not bad!

There were a few cold pintxos at the bar area where you can pick and choose what you like. I however think the better stuff is the hot food that comes straight from the kitchen! My friend and I had a cider each and ended up with a handful of toothpicks! From what I remember, we didn’t pay more than $20 each and we were quite full.

I think Naked for Satan is a funky bar that you can relax at with a group of friends. Stay for dinner/snacks/pintxos and have a great night!

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