Deep Pan Pizza – Chicago

Deep pan pizza Pizza

Deep Pan Pizza

So I’m going to slowly post some food photos from my trip to the US  a bit over a year ago. This here is what Chicago is known for. DEEP PAN PIZZA!

My sister and brother in law were living in Chicago at the time and took us to this place (I can’t remember the name 😦 ) We actually ordered a few entrees between the 4 of us and then we had the pizza as the main. This pizza was CRAZY! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more chunky style pizza before. The crust was nice and buttery. A lot different to what normal pizza crust usually tastes like.

The filling is a whole different story. It was oozing cheese, meat and sauce.. what more could you ask for from a pizza?! The only difference between this pizza and a regular pizza is the height of it. This one is probably 3-4 times the height of a normal pizza.. oh and also, one slice is more than enough! My partner had 2-3 slices and almost passed out because he ate so much haha

I’ve always wanted to see if there was a place in Melbourne that sold this but I can’t find any! If anyone knows of one.. let me know! I’d love to try it! 🙂


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