Club Sandwich/Jalepeno lids/Burgers


Club Sandwich/Jalepeno Lids/Burgers

This was one of our first meals in the US. This was eaten in a small diner down the old school Fremont Street in Vegas.

I was trying to be somewhat ‘healthy’ and order a club sandwich. Oh how I was very very wrong! This sandwich was the size of probably 3 sandwiches put together! There were layers of meat/veggies/bread! Wayyy too much! I think I got through a third of the dish and was so full. I seriously under estimated how big American dishes were!

My partner ordered a regular burger which came open but looked delicious and came with a side of fries. We thought we would also give Jalepeno lids a go. Little did we know how many ‘lids’ would be on the plate! haha

We were so stuffed by the end of this meal! Well worth it though!


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